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President Trump And His Task Force Are Providing Daily Hope for the American People

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Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is 100% wrong about President Trump and his wartime press briefings.

Yes, we are at war with an invisible enemy that is trying to destroy our economy, our culture, our social norms, our small businesses, our families, our places of worship, our schools, while blindly and painfully killing thousands of men and women across the country irrespective of color, creed, orientation, and socio-economic background. Even more vicious is how this virus originating in China came to the U.S. attacking our most vulnerable, our seniors and those with underlying health issues and compromised immune systems-disproportionately ravishing Black communities. 

So yes, this is a war, this is a crisis, and we need answers and leadership. The president and his task force are doing their best to offer them daily. 

It is ironic that as soon as President Trump's approval ratings increase across the board, even with Democrats, regarding his handling of the pandemic, there was a light switch moment in the mainstream media: STOP DONALD TRUMP. 

They quickly realized that President Trump was still an effective communicator, speaking the common man's English, striking a tone they did not expect from him; hope in a time of worry, comfort in a time of chaos and clarity in a time of confusion. 

So, it was time for them to ratchet up the attacks. First, it was time to roll out the old race card because he rightfully closed off travel from China in January. Then, because he again said the virus came from Wuhan and accurately described, just like many in the media did (without being called racist), its origins, he was somehow targeting Americans of Asian descent.  To combat the fake news, he denounced all bigotry towards them, as he always does when it comes to issues of race in America. 

Then, when the president expressed optimism and hope at one of his press briefings, elite media decried his efforts. No, they could not risk the American people seeing President Trump as inspirational or a Comforter-in-Chief. 

Now they say the press briefings are too long, and he should not be giving the briefings every day, like almost every other Governor and big-city mayor in America is doing. 

Some elite TV and Radio Networks with broad national reach have begun to cut away, or flat out refuse to air the press conferences because of claims of misinformation. I think it is safe to say that, when you are dealing with a virus, in the middle of the flu season, on top of a global economic shutdown, while still engaged in overseas conflicts; data, models and statistics will change. However, the president and his task force’s efforts to bring the latest and most accurate information to the American citizens remains their top priority and so it should be for America’s TV networks as well. 

Be very clear: this is not about President Trump giving false hope, or misinformation or talking too much.  The media elites know this is an election year. Millions of Americans who would otherwise be busy working are now stuck at home with the TV on. They are afraid and want answers, facts and comfort. Guess where they are getting it?  Every day at 5:00pm from President Trump.

The media is afraid that the Black community, working moms, blue-collar workers, small business owners, millennials and seniors are all tuning in and taking a first or second look at Donald Trump. 

The media is afraid that Americans will see a resolute, focused leader who is rising to the occasion, fighting for them with action, results and a team of experts. They are afraid they will see the Trump Administration working for Americans, and the private sector leaders standing with him and responding to his call. 

Americans will continue to hear Democrats thank President Trump for getting the information on life-saving medicines, and governors following his lead to slow the spread locally. Americans see a man in Donald Trump who is made for this moment and that could mean a disaster for the DNC and Joe Biden in November, and what’s more, it will uproot the narrative that the elite media has worked so hard to cultivate over the last four years.  

Mr. President, White House, administration: keep the briefings, keep the engagement on social media and keep talking directly to black-owned and other minority outlets. Continue to fight for us seven days a week and ignore the elite media. We are watching and we are grateful for the work you are doing on our behalf.

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