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I have never, in my life, seen such a level of stupefying and willful ignorance and irrationality exhibited in a debate over current events or public policy as I have with the verbal storm that has darkened our horizon over the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. This manic opinionating by people with no grasp of the facts truly has been enough to cause a rational and balanced person to run screaming from social media into hiding under an obscure motel bed somewhere in West Kansas.


Seriously! There are people making asinine (and worse) statements about the Zimmerman verdict on Twitter and Facebook and at Sharpton promoted rallies around the country who clearly haven’t listened to one nanosecond of testimony from the Zimmerman trial and who’s reading on the subject goes not one word beyond the “Zimmerman Not Guilty” headline; a headline they accidently saw in a newspaper they would never ever consider actually purchasing and reading.

Who ARE these people? How can you have any confidence in the future of a country populated by these myrmidons? What if you suddenly realized some of these people work for you in your business? Would it be time to fire the entire staff, shut the business down, and start over again in an area where the idiot infestation was not so severe? Just one person on your staff with the inability to think rationally exhibited by these people would be enough to sabotage your entire business. That’s why employers love to cull the herd of cows with 0bama bumper stickers on their rumps.

Before we get into some specifics from the thundering mindless herd, let’s admit just why the George Zimmerman verdict continues to be such a huge story. It’s all about 0bama. Rather, it’s all about protecting 0bama. The problem for the left is all of the news about our Dear Ruler has been less than rosy for several months, and especially recently. Let’s sneak a quick peek here:


There’s Benghazi. Sadly, for most that’s old news. You may be surprised to learn, however, that Ambassador Chris Stevens is still dead along with three other Americans who tried to protect him. There are still no answers as to why the additional security requested by our State Department officials on the ground in Benghazi was denied. There’s also no answer as to just why help was not sent as soon as the first mortar landed on the grounds of our Benghazi facility. And where was 0bama? How come there’s no picture of 0bama in the Situation Room monitoring the situation on the ground? An ambassador was dying .. and 0bama was apparently upstairs in the White House living quarters packing for his trip to Las Vegas to raise money from union sycophants for his reelection. (I really should mention one of the best Tweets out there this past week … something to the effect that George Zimmerman was going to change his name to Ben Ghazi so that he could be sure 0bama would never mention him again. Now THAT’S funny, I don’t care who you are.)

Then there was the IRS targeting scandal. Things were really taking a turn for the worse on this issue last week. Dadgumit if Carter Hull, a retiring IRS lawyer, didn’t start spilling the beans jaws to House investigators. And why pot of beans did Mr. Hull tip over? We learned that the approval process for many Tea Party tax exemption applications were overseen by one William Wilkins … one of the very few 0bama appointees in the IRS. So there you go … the IRS persecution buck stops with 0bama. Don’t you just love it? Well, 0bama and his sycophants sure didn’t.


Then there’s 0bamacare. This legislative monstrosity if unraveling faster than a cheap sweater. Now 0bama’s biggest support base (other than the moochers and parasites who actually vote rather than work for a living), labor unions, are beginning to understand the disaster that is 0bamacare, and they’re not exactly purring like good little Democrat pacified kittens. Unions organizing against 0bamacare? Now there’s a bit of news the 0bama crowd would sure like to suppress.

Enter … the Zimmerman trial. What better way to divert the attention of the great government-educated unwashed from the issue that really matters – the incompetence and malfeasance of their hero and benefactor, and the progress he’s making in his quest to destroy the America we grew up in – than a nice little white-on-black race story. And there was no shortage of people ready to help 0bama divert the collective American attention from the stories that really matter. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the DC and NYC press corps (or, as 0bama might say, the press corpse).

I wrote about this last week … how the media first had to take a Hispanic male and turn him into a white (Hispanic) male so the story would have the necessary white-on-black basis. Then they started tossing around the “profiling” word; then hanging on and repeating every utterance of that pathological liar Al Sharpton until they had themselves a full-fledged controversy going. Mission accomplished! The nation’s attention is now diverted from Benghazi, the IRS and ObamaCare, and firmly focused on a simple self-defense trial in Central Florida.


When the trial ended with a not guilty verdict the usual suspects, Sharpton and the rest of the Racial Grievance Industry, went to work stirrin’ the puddin’. Let’s have some “Justice for Trayvon” rallies! (“Justice” by the way, should be defined as “when someone gets what they deserve.”)

Then an amazing and frightening thing happened. For the first time in my memory the federal government of the United States singled out an American citizen, one who had been found not guilty of any wrongdoing in a court of law by a jury of his peers, and targeted him for federal prosecution. The government’s own investigative arm, the FBI, had reported that there was no evidence of racial bias in the Zimmerman-Martin confrontation. The issue, though, could not be allowed to die. There was racial pandering to be engaged in and attention to divert from true 0bama scandals … so email an phone tip lines were set up in hopes that someone could come to the government with information that could be used to file charges against Zimmerman. Sure, the government has asked for reports of tax cheats and corrupt officials before. But never before has the government singled out one citizen and said “This one! Right here! This Zimmerman guy! Can someone please give us some dirt on him so we file some federal charges?

The steam started to escape from the “help us nail Zimmerman ploy” and 0bama, concerned that attention might be shifting back to his malfeasance, arrogance, narcissism and complete ineptitude, decided to deliver a little impromptu lecture on race to the press corps on Friday, thereby pretty much guaranteeing that attention would remain on the racial dog and poly show until Monday, at which time Dear Ruler would have thought up another diversion.


Would now be a good time to remind you that growing up 0bama never personally experienced any of the racial grievances he so loves to lecture us on today? On the issue of race relations in America 0bama only knows what he’s been told or what he’s read.

But back to the mindless, thundering “Justice for Trayvon” herd.

First .. what’s with all the opposition and condemnation of “Stand Your Ground” laws? Don’t these folks understand that the Zimmerman trial was not about Stand Your Ground … it was about self-defense. The uncontested evidence was that Trayvon was sitting on Zimmerman’s chest (after having knocked Zimmerman down with a punch to the nose) and bouncing his head off the concrete. This does not constitute “just walking home with a bag of Skittles and iced tea.” The ONLY question the jury had to consider was whether or not Zimmerman reasonably felt that he was about to be hurt – badly – or perhaps get killed. That’s it. If he had that fear he was legally entitled to use deadly force against his aggressor. He did. To this day we have no idea how far Trayvon Martin would have carried his attack. All we have is guesswork – and an understanding of Trayvon’s penchant for bragging about his fighting prowess.

In the meantime protestors by the thousands keep repeating the absurd theory that “Zimmerman shot an unarmed teenager who was just walking down the street.” Where do you folks get this nonsense? This “just walking down the street” when he was shot idea isn’t supported by one sentence of testimony. I know our government schools are bad, but are they THIS bad? Has logic so failed us to the point that so many people can equate sitting on someone’s chest and pounding the dog squeeze out of them with “just walking down the street?” Do people have no shame in this level of intellectual dishonesty?


So … now that Sharpton has reestablished his credentials as one of America’s foremost race baiters; and now that 0bama has blessed us with his feelings on growing up black in America (which he didn’t, by the way); maybe … just maybe … Americans will turn their attention back to the things that matter:

Do we really have a president who left four Americans, including an ambassador, to die in Benghazi because he didn’t want it made clear that his Middle Eastern foreign policy had not only failed, but had become deadly?

Did the IRS receive its instructions to hammer any groups with “Tea Party” or “patriot” in its name from one of his political appointees? And if so, just where did that appointee get those instructions?

Is ObamaCare truly a disaster of a magnitude great enough to get 0bama’s principal supporters, the labor unions, up in arms? Is the collapse of our health care system going to be even greater than the worst predictions?

We can only wonder how long we’ll have to ponder those questions until the next white-on-black story comes along for Sharpton, Jackson and the ObamaMedia to use to divert our attention again.

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