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The debate is going hot and heavy on Obamacare right now. This grand Democrat scheme is going to be a disaster … and the Democrats know it. The reality, though, is that it was designed to be a disaster. This coming health care debacle is no accident. It’s all part of a plan.


The Democrats, you see, wanted complete, total and absolute control over your health care. Their true dream was something they have maneuvered the media into calling a “single-payer” plan. Now doesn’t that sound oh so benign? Single-payer. How nice. The problem, though, is that the single-payer is the government. The government writes all the checks, which means the government decides who gets paid what for what and when.

The left just didn’t have the votes in the congress to get their single payer dream, so they hastily construct this Obamacare monstrosity. Now they just sit back to wait for it to collapse so they can pull a huge orchestrated “I told you so” and move on to their true dream of absolute government control.

You know what will be next, don’t you? Yup … the old “if you vote for Republicans they’ll take away your health care” ploy. Considering the ignorance of the average American voter (Obama. Twice? Really?) that translates into a permanent Democrat majority.

OK .. this really is about auto insurance. Let me make the connection.

Obama has delayed the insurance mandate for businesses. This was a purely political move. Dear Ruler knows that this mandate will mean lost jobs for many, and lower working hours for many more. He wants to avoid this jobs carnage until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Every person with a pink slip or fewer hours due to 0bamacare might represent three, four or more votes against Democrat incumbents. Republicans want the individual mandate extended as well. So now we have Democrat sycophants arguing with more agile-minded conservatives about the fairness of continuing with the individual mandate while businesses get a pass.


So there I was yesterday afternoon watching one cranially challenged Democrat arguing with a more informed Republican. Finally the pro-Obamacare lib drops what he thinks is the argument winner: “Well, individuals are required to buy auto insurance! So what’s the difference?”

Please! Dear Lord Please! Is there not one news anchor, talk show host, commentator, GOP strategist or talking head of any description …. ANYONE … who is able to counter this “individuals are required to buy auto insurance” Bolshoi?

They’re wrong! This is a falsehood!

In NO state are you required to buy auto insurance simply because you own a car, truck --- whatever. You are ONLY required to buy car insurance if the car you own or operate is going to be used on public roads. If your use of the car is limited to private property, no insurance required. If you own a thousand-acre ranch and have a pickup truck you only use for work on that ranch … no insurance required. If you own a large manufacturing facility and have vehicles that never leave the grounds, the government requires no insurance. Those cars running around that NASCAR track on Sunday … do you think that lizard insures them?


Fact is … no individual in the country is required to buy car insurance. If you decide that you just don’t want to buy this insurance, all you have to do is not own a vehicle that you use on public roads! Catch a cab. Hitchhike. Take the bus. No insurance! Borrow a car from someone who has purchased insurance. You aren’t forced to do anything! If you decide to use a car on public roads you enter into a contract with the people – through their government – to exercise that privilege. The state promises to patrol the roads to keep them safe, to keep them in repair, and to allow you access so long as you abide by certain rules. In turn, you agree to obey certain traffic laws … and to insure your vehicle if you own it. This is a voluntary contract! No compulsion. You are not being FORCED to buy auto insurance.

Really … why is this so difficult to understand? Why do conservative talking heads always – and I mean always – automatically adopt the “deer in headlights” pose when some proggie pulls this “well you have to buy car insurance” nonsense? Can’t these talking head shows come up with even one spokesman for goodness and light who would say: “Sorry, pal. But you’re wrong. The government does not make everyone buy car insurance.”


Maybe if this column gets spread around a bit we will be able to kill off this pathetic proggie nonsense once and for all.

Meanwhile … get ready for a health care disaster that is going to make The Loan Ranger look like the movie of the year!

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