Who's "Right"

Posted: Apr 07, 2008 12:01 AM
Who's "Right"

A typical column runs some 800 words.

For some subjects, that’s far too many. One case in point: your “right” to health care.

Among the rights guaranteed (not “given” as Bill Clinton believes) to you in our Constitution are:

Freedom of religion
Freedom of speech
The right to peaceably assemble.
The right to petition the government
The right to keep and bear arms
The right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures
Protection from double jeopardy
Due process
A speedy and public trial by jury
The right to legal counsel when charged with a crime

With one exception, the right to representation in court and a trial by jury, these rights require nothing of any other citizen but that they recognize your rights and not interfere with them.

Your “right to health care” would require some other person to give up a portion of their life or their property to either treat you or to provide you with drugs or medical implements. The Constitution does not provide for another individual to be indentured to you in this manner.

Therefore, you have no “right” to health care.

Deal with it.

Point made in only 200 words. That’s short and sweet.