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 I have just about had enough of NYC nanny, uh, Mayor, Bloomberg.  He has finally gone over the cliff with his comments last week on CNN.  In response to the horrific shooting in Colorado, his remedy is once again, to control and take away our freedoms, i.e., our second amendment rights.  Nanny Bloomberg says "I don't understand why the police officers across this country don't stand up collectively and say we're going to go on strike," Bloomberg told the "Piers Morgan Tonight" host. "We're not going to protect you unless you, the public, through your legislature, do what's required to keep us safe."

Ok, I get it; he’s basically telling the police to blackmail the citizens of this country until they give up their right to bear arms.  When does this end?  When do the American people finally stand up and shout these people down?  Well, I think they have come to the tipping point.  It’s like the old story of the frog in a pot of water who doesn’t notice that he is being boiled alive until it is too late.  We the American people are at the boiling point and most of us are jumping out of the pot.

Bloomberg, who has been at this since 2002, started with the smoking ban.  Now, no one can smoke in any park or open space without facing a fine.  Next came the ban on trans fats and salt in restaurants, then the mandatory salads for school lunches.  (That went over well!) Next he outlawed food donations to the homeless because the city couldn’t access the salt, fat and fiber content and of course he outlawed the Big Gulp.  You can’t buy a drink over 16 oz or the food police will get you! 

Day after day we Americans are being chained and shackled by regulations and laws that limit what we can say, do, eat, drive, wear or even believe.  Chick fil-A is a great example of how you can’t even have a moral belief without someone trying to take it away!  You can’t have an opinion on anything unless it is the politically correct opinion.  You can’t make a joke or compliment anyone lest they take it the wrong way and call in the PC squad.

Have you noticed how when one or a small group of people do something wrong the rest of us have to suffer for it?  If obesity is a problem for a section of the population, those of us who eat responsibly and have a healthy weight have to be punished for their sins. Instead of targeting that group of people and educating them on proper diet, we all get penalized.  I don’t want to be told not to eat fried chicken if I want to, it is my choice.  I am not overweight and I pay my own health insurance, leave me alone!

I own guns and took an intense training course in the use of many types of weapons.  I did not and will not shoot anyone unless they threaten me or my family on my property and neither would the vast majority of gun owners.

If I want to drive an SUV or a pickup truck and can afford the high cost of gas why shouldn’t I be able to?   One SUV that carries eight kids to a baseball game sure beats three little Volts that you can’t even fit a “mandatory” car seat in.  Three cars versus one make sense to me.

How long do you think it will be before they decide to outlaw football?  You think I’m kidding?  Right now, the nannies are scrutinizing the head and other injuries that are part of the game that the players make a choice to play.  Mark my words it will either be outlawed or they will look like the Michelin man.  If someone chooses of their own free will to play the game knowing full well what could happen, why should anyone have the right to take that freedom away?

I am tired of being the one groped by TSA for doing absolutely nothing except boarding an aircraft; I’m tired being monitored by cameras whenever I enter any store or building.  I have nothing to hide, but it is unsettling to know that you are being watched all the time because someone else might do something.  I agree, there is an upside to catching criminals on film, but it is too bad that we have to live like this. 

How free are we when we have to work 111 days of the year just to pay our tax burden?  That will be going up even more in 2013 after the enormous tax hikes kick in.  No wonder businesses and workers feel strangled, we are running as fast as we can and are still losing ground.

The bottom line is we are less free than some other countries around the world.  Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Switzerland and Canada have far more room to breathe than we do.  How did we let this happen?  How have we lost control of what our founding fathers envisioned for us? 

We have always fought for freedom in our country. We fought for our independence and our right to free speech, religion, etc.  We fought the Civil War for the freedom of slaves.  We have sacrificed American blood and treasure for others to have freedom around the world.  Why then, do we not stand up and fight for the freedoms that are being taken away from us every day by the control freaks in government who think they know what is best for us? 

WE know what is best for us!  Just get out of our way and we will handle it.  We are not incompetent little children that need a nanny all the time.  That kind of enabling is killing this country. Yes, there are good regulations and laws that help everyone, but let’s be reasonable and use common sense. Everyone needs to start showing politicians and other elitists how ridiculous they are. They are acting like helicopter parents that don’t allow their children to experience life.  Those children end up paying for it later in life because they have been protected from everything and haven’t a clue how to do anything.  You can’t be protected from life; it isn’t possible and if we don’t stop this soon, freedom will be something we can say we once had.

Having freedom makes us stronger, it makes us braver.  Free will can’t be bought and it can’t be taken away as much as they may try.

Morgan Brittany



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