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The Boortz Monologues

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Those who advocate the murder of innocent children trapped inside the womb are simply among our most cowardly citizens. Among that minority, none is more cowardly than radio talk show host Neal Boortz. He serves as an advocate for the “choice” to dismember those who cannot defend themselves. He also attacks the defenders of life and refuses them the opportunity to call into his show or debate in a format where he does not control the exchange of ideas. His assertion that he “does not discuss abortion” is simply false. He brings it up all the time – to the point of obsession. But Boortz does not debate abortion because he is not a true libertarian. Boortz is a social liberal. And there’s a big difference as the follow exchange will aptly demonstrate:

Neal: I have been informed of a recent series of statements about me (in conjunction with the issue of abortion) on your radio show. I don't mind them at all. I fully support your rights per the First Amendment. But, in light of those remarks, I believe it is fair for me to renew my challenge to debate you on the issue of abortion. If you would like me to stop asking you to debate then you may simply drop the issue. However, if you continue to raise the issue on air, I will periodically reach out to you with a respectful offer to debate.

Please consider this to be a formal and respectful request to reconsider debating me on the issue of abortion. You have stated repeatedly that you think liberal talk radio cannot work because liberal talk show hosts would be forced to defend their ideas when people call in to the show. Now, you have assumed a liberal stance on abortion. The question is: Could you survive a debate on the merits of the issue?


Within ten minutes of sending this message my phone rang. Neal was responding to the challenge on air while tucked away safely in his recording studio. The effort to get Neal to respond directly continued:

Hi Neal: Just a few minutes after I sent my request to you I received a phone call indicating that you had responded on air. The listener indicated that you said you would let me on the air if you did not have to "clean up the yak afterwards." Just as a matter of clarification, I am challenging you to an extended debate, rather than a brief exchange on your program. I hope this will help you respond to me directly, rather than on air. My cell phone number is 910.xxx.xxxx if you would like to discuss. I am eager to go head to head with you in a live in-person debate.


This second message did not result in a phone call. It resulted in an extended response aided by his producer. They both responded to me on air. But no return call was forthcoming. It has been said before that if you wrestle with a pig you will get dirty and the pig just might like it. Okay, I admit that I’m a pig. Watching the opposition cower from the challenge is sometimes fun. So I wrote Neal one last time:

Hi Old friend. See message below. This is from a reader. It looks like your bully tactics are failing. In fact, it looks like I am getting to you. Are you OK?: “Mike, was listening to Neal ‘the joke master’ Boortz when Neal came back from a break and just sounded irate and spitting mad! You must have just called or sent him a message cause for 2 or 3 minutes he could not stop ranting about you and his inability to defend his Abortion stance. He was so flabbergasted his side kick Belinda had to pipe in and call you a ‘one trick pony’ … Keep up the good work! He will either have to Debate you in which case he’ll become the mental midget he is or you just might pound some sense into him! Love your columns.

Since Boortz will neither debate me nor let me call in his show, there is only one thing that can be done. Defenders of life should simply call in the Neal Boortz Show. The toll free number is 877.310.2100. You may just call 404.872.0750 if you live in the Atlanta area. When you call, all you have to do is make one simple request by saying “Please finish the following sentence, Neal: It is okay to kill a baby in the womb when _____.

As soon as you call, be prepared for Boortz to hang up the phone. Like all social liberals, he’s anti-choice on the issue of rational discourse. But he enjoys the protection of a living, breathing constitution. It allows him to lock himself inside the womb of his radio studio where no man can abort a monologue struggling for survival in a state of intellectual infancy.

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