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Hope for Every Woman

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Last Saturday night, just as I was leaving the house to dine with a couple of friends, I received an interesting phone call from California. It was Crissy Moran, a lovely girl who, in 2006, gave her life back to Jesus Christ. Before that, she was in the Adult Entertainment Industry. Those who are interested can read her testimony online or listen to her interview on the Drew Marshall Show by clicking on this link.


How many more times do we need to hear such stories before we realize that fathers are indispensible in the lives of young women? One does not have to look at the lives of porn stars to see the common denominator. The same problem is invariably present in the lives of strippers and women who, regardless of profession, are highly promiscuous. That common problem is a father who simply was not there for his daughter when she needed him most.

In the case of Crissy Moran, we hear testimony about a father who made serious mistakes and helped inject confusion into the life of a girl just as she was becoming a woman. But sometimes those mistakes are not so clear or so obvious. Many men simply emotionally detach from their daughters around the time they develop into young women. They fear that any display of touching or affection may seem inappropriate after she begins to develop physically. And that is devastating to them. Men should never stop hugging their daughters any more than they should stop loving them.

Added to the problems men bring upon themselves is a court-backed war on fathers. Men who would like to spend time with their daughters and want to be there for them are often left for no good reason. No fault divorce laws make divorce easy. But when it comes to custody issues men are always presumed to be at fault. The “no fault” part only applies to the woman.

The increasing alienation of daughters from their fathers comes at a singularly inopportune time in American history. Ever since Al Gore invented the internet it has become easier for young girls to look for love in all the wrong places. The threats come not just from individual predators but also from a well-organized adult entertainment industry. It is an Evil Empire that attracts young women with the prospect of attention and the allure of fast easy money. But the money never ends up being easy in the end.


It took more than just a series of bad men to make the life of Crissy Moran spiral out of control. It took some very bad decisions on her behalf. But once things began to get exponentially worse for her, there was only one Way for her to be saved.

Just two days after she told God she hated Him – and long after she decided she wanted to kill herself – the Lord put a good man in her life. She met him on the set of a TV show he and her (now former) boyfriend were filming. Later, when they were at a bar, this good man told her he knew that she made adult films for a living. He also talked with her about Hope. Before the end of the evening, he took her outside to pray with her. She then decided to come back to the Lord. And, of course, she knew she had to leave the industry.

Crissy is a sweet soul – she sounded like a shy little girl when she called me on the phone. And, of course, she has been dealing with the backlash of leaving the industry. She now works with a group called Treasures and helps hand out Bibles to girls currently in the industry.

Her website, which was started around 2000, was making tens of thousands of dollars a month. When she left that life to start a new one in 2006, she cut all ties - that includes not taking any money from her website. At its peak, her portion of the sales was around $13,000 per month.

Unfortunately, the site has continued to run without her as she had signed a contract through 2009. Even more unfortunately, the site is still up and Crissy, being a Christian, does not want to give anyone the wrong idea that she is still supporting this activity. Lawyers have written Cease and Desist letters before but did not follow up and the site continues to run and make money without her permission.


I sit here at my computer writing this column on Crissy Moran’s 35th birthday. There are two things I wish for her on this special day. The first is that some concerned Christian will step up and take her case until the aforementioned site is shut down.

My second wish is that men everywhere will pledge this day to give up pornography and rededicate their time and energy to their daughters. Of course, not all men who watch pornography have daughters. But every woman they watch has a Father who is watching them.

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