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Mr. Obama is Right...America is Soft

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

When Americans elect a president without doing the hard work of examining his background, beliefs, or ideologies:

America is soft

When Americans elect someone who has no respect for human life and who considers the issue of abortion “above [his] pay grade”:

America is soft

When Americans elect a president who tells them in black and white that he will radically transform America, but they never ask what direction the transformation will take:

America is soft

When Americans elect a president who for 20 years sat under the preaching of an anti-American pastor and thinks that none of that will rub off on him:

America is soft

When Americans vote for a president who, when he held elected office, voted “present” time and time again, determining not to take a stand on so many issues lest he offend one of the special interest groups:

America is soft

When Americans elect a president who has friends with checkered histories, to say the least:

America is soft

When Americans elect a president whose wife, the recipient of so many of America’s blessings, declared that she was ashamed of America:

America is soft

As an American who was born in Africa, I am deeply grateful to be in America. I thank God continuously for allowing me to be in this great and blessed land. This is a land and a republic for which many faithful men and women have bled and died to secure the liberty and blessing that I now enjoy.

Far from being soft, I paid for my own education, and I paid for my children’s educations. I taught them to love and respect the Founding Fathers and the founding principles of this great nation.

Far from being soft, I respect the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the biblical foundation on which this country was built.

Hard work, personal responsibility, love for God, not envying those who are more blessed than I am – these are the strong building blocks of America’s foundation.

Maybe Obama’s “America is soft” comment will wake Americans up to their sterling heritage and solid foundation so that next time around they will elect government officials and leaders who share their respect for that blessed heritage.

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