The Socialist Republic of NYC is no Fan of Comrade De Blasio

Posted: Dec 13, 2014 12:30 AM

Uh-oh… There is apparently a little trouble in utopia. The island of Socialists in New York (known officially as “New York City”) are growing a little disenchanted with Mayor Comrade Bill de Blasio. According to a new poll, over half of New York City residents believe the city is headed in the wrong direction under the guidance of Michael Bloomberg’s successor. Only 41 percent think the comrade in Gracie Mansion is steering the city toward better times.

According to Pravda the New York Times:

That unease is an unexpected turn for Mr. de Blasio, a liberal Democrat who has staked his mayoralty on remaking the way New Yorkers interact with law enforcement.

Oh right… So de Blasio’s problem is that New Yorkers still don’t like the NYPD? I’m shocked.

Of course, the New York Times does bring up a good point. De Blasio did run on reforming the city’s police department. In fact, he was so dedicated to shaking things up, that he employed ex-convicts and former felons to help craft his policing policies during the campaign. (No wonder he is such a fan of Bloomy’s gun control policies… Felons don’t generally like armed victims, as it tends to create a hostile work environment.)

The issue of NYPD reform aside, New York’s favorite communist (apologies to Che Guevara) is seen as a failure on a number of high profile inner-city issues.

Nearly half — 48 percent — of respondents said race relations in the city were bad in general, up from 30 percent at the end of Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure.

Is this surprising? I men, there is a pretty distinct line (drawn somewhere north of 96th Street) that has been segregating New York for decades. Strangely, de Blasio’s bi-racial marriage, race pandering, and socialist demagoguery hasn’t quite erased that racial tension.

And let’s be honest: He hasn’t really done a whole lot to help improve the African-American community in New York. Oh sure, he talks about how he’s worried for his son’s safety because of the racist tendencies of the NYPD (seriously); but he’s also been closing down charter schools faster than you can say “union crony”. He’s been stoking the fire of racial animosity in a post-Eric-Garner world, while systematically shutting down the black community’s best chance at escaping a life of gang violence. (Then again, he has intimated that he’ll redistribute funds from a private Central Park charity to inner city parks. I guess that will give all the kids who get kicked out of charter schools a nicely manicured place to loiter.)

Despite the progressive mayor’s “everyman” image, he is quickly shaping up to be an ideologically driven demagogue and political hack. He’s punished wealthy neighborhoods during snow storms, promised to keep waging Bloomberg’s war against high-capacity sodas, and now “the People’s Mayor” is even erecting a privacy fence around Gracie Mansion because he is tired of passing constituents waving to him. (Seriously… He was tired of people in Carl Schurz Park saying “hi” while he hung out on the back porch. If he keeps this up, that fence might actually serve a legitimate security purpose before too long.)

In short, New York is growing tired of the typical elitist liberal who they elected to office. (Boy, that didn’t take long.) He’s a run-of-the-mill Leftist making big promises, which generally leads to even bigger disappointments. As a result, in one short year the Democrat Communist Mayor has managed to irritate half of New York City voters.

It really takes a rare form of incompetency to make Mike Bloomberg look effective by comparison; but I guess that’s what makes de Blasio so special.