Washington Post: Eric Holder to the Rescue!

Posted: Oct 17, 2014 12:01 AM

Wow. The Washington Post either has a really weird sense of humor, or they are wildly disconnected from the political atmosphere in America. In an opinion piece (I know, it’s kinda hard to tell nowadays) writer Mark Maske speculated on a possible career option for Eric Holder, now that he has resigned from the position of Attorney General. According to Maske, Holder should lend his credibility and professionalism to the troubled NFL… And no, I don’t think this was satire. According to the WashPo:

Here is one bit of unsolicited advice for the NFL: Hire Eric H. Holder Jr. and put him in charge of all off-field player discipline. Do it as soon as possible. And hope that it helps to restore the public’s trust and confidence in the sport’s ability to deal with players’ off-field misbehavior.

Wait… We are talking about the Eric H. Holder Jr., right? I mean, we’re talking about the guy that tapped the phones of reporters, was found to be in contempt of Congress, and funneled money from sketchy lawsuits to progressive non-profits? Because if so, I think poor Mark might need to get out of his Liberal beltway bubble and visit with a few folks from the rest of America on occasion.

In fact, the haplessly loyal columnist wouldn’t even have to go that far to get a little perspective on the absurdity of his comments. Apparently Maske feels that Holder would help to restore the public trust in the NFL… But a recent NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll seems to tell a different story. Only 15 percent of Americans currently hold a “positive” view of Obama’s Attorney General, while 32 percent (over twice as many, for those of you learning Common Core Math) have a “negative” view. In fact, four times as many people have a “very negative” view of Obama’s chief extortionist, than those who hold a “very positive” view.

But, maybe opinion polls can’t tell the whole story… Maybe Mark thinks that a little “social justice” would be good for the NFL. Maybe what the league really needs is a racial activist to inject a little divisiveness into the conversation. (I can only assume Mark believes Al Sharpton is too busy learning how to read from his teleprompter to fill this role.)

Maske’s curiously out-of-touch commentary continued:

Holder undoubtedly will have options for what to do next. But the NFL pays well.

Yeah, it does… Especially for a non-profit. (The Clinton family is taking note, I’m sure.)

The title — deputy commissioner, assistant commissioner, special assistant to the commissioner, NFL discipline czar — wouldn’t matter. The responsibilities would. Holder would need to have a major say, if not the major say, in determining what the NFL does next to address its issues with player misconduct in the wake of the Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy cases.

I know this is a little off topic, but why is the term “czar” so popular among Leftists? Are Dems really that in love with Russian style authoritarianism?

But more importantly, it might behoove the Washington Post to get slightly more in touch with the political mood of the nation. It takes a pretty isolated progressive insider to think that Eric Holder would boost the credibility of the NFL among mainstream America. Maybe while we’re at it, Mark, we can put Nancy Pelosi in charge of women’s outreach and have Joe Biden in charge of communications.