The Cowardice of the Left Gave Us the Islamic State

Posted: Aug 12, 2014 12:01 AM

It must be exhausting for Barrack Obama. I sometimes feel worn down just reading about all the events going on in the world – I can’t even imagine how tiresome it must be, trying to avoid leadership on all those issues. Lucky for our Vacationer in Chief, he’s found a way… Apparently a healthy mix of golf and swimming is exactly what is needed to distract yourself from the chaos in the Middle East. And, to be fair, this genocidal chaos in Iraq is not completely the fault of a Nobel Laureate who plays the American President on TV.

The terrorist group ISIL doesn’t exist merely because a “lead from behind” US President has traded political expediency for international stability. They can also thank the appeasement mentality of Neville-Chamberlin-invertebrates throughout the world for their recent blitzkrieg of success. In fact, it is the West’s pervasive dedication to avoiding conviction that seems to embolden the murderously convicted terrorists in the Middle East.

The UN is stepping up their actions to stem the budding holocaust in Iraq: they’re writing a nasty-gram. (I hope they type the really harsh portions in all caps.) Seriously. The “greatest world power” in human history has become so weighted down with cowardice, ambivalence, and bureaucracy that – in the face of outright slaughter – the most they can muster is a few eloquent phrases and a sanction or two.

The unofficial spin doctors for Team Obama (AKA: MSNBC) have also joined the blissful bandwagon of intellectual bankruptcy. Michael Eric Dyson referred to ISIL as “so-called” terrorists… Right. The guys that thought Al Qaeda was a little too “warm and fuzzy” are only alleged terrorists. The fact that they behead, torture, crucify, rape, enslave, amputate, stone, and murder men, women, and children (in an effort to instill fear among their enemies) doesn’t actually mean anything, right?

Of course, if you’re looking for truly unhinged abandonment of reality, just glance to your left. The anti-war group, Code Pink, was spotted protesting America’s (limited) involvement in defending innocent Kurdish civilians. Yeah… The Code Pink hacks are so opposed to violence, war, and death that they are upset with Obama for dropping some bombs on Islamic fighters who are dedicated to genocide and slaughter. It makes perfect sense, right?

Of course, our Avoider in Chief isn’t exactly helping things. If his obsessive focus on golfing gives you the feeling that he’s not engaged, it’s probably a safe assumption that our enemies get the same general impression. The disinterested President of Martha’s Vineyard America was so ambivalent toward the killing, ethnic cleansing, and chaos in the Middle East that he initially couldn’t even be bothered with pledging armed support for pro-American Kurdish forces.

I mean, heck, do we have an aversion to easy decisions? Conservatives rightly lampooned the President when he insinuated that killing Osama Bin Laden was a “tough” decision; but the decision to give aid to the surrounded Kurdish civilians should have been a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t we do everything we can to help a bunch of pro-American, oil-rich, democratic Iraqis? You would think that a Nobel Peace Prize winner would be mildly more interested in stemming the wanton barbarism of ISIL, especially when it threatens loyal champions of democracy and freedom.

But… If it’s an apparently easy decision, it pretty much goes without saying that our current administration will mess it up. Heck, even when the right call is made, their execution manages to reach depths of incompetence generally reserved for preschool baseball games. After the administration finally stumbled into helping the Kurds, airdrops of food, water, and other provisions were ordered to the area. They have, however, had little effect thus far because “it was dropped from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploded on impact.

Really? No parachutes? Well, no wonder our illustrious “leader” underestimated the ISIL threat in Iraq. With this group of military geniuses (who apparently were never taught the basics of Newton’s law of universal gravitation), I’m halfway surprised things aren’t worse. Was Joe Biden in charge of these airdrops?

Terrorists are doing their best to perpetrate a holocaust in the Middle East; MSNBC hacks (and intellectually bankrupt Code Pink agitators) are running cover for the incompetent, and disinterested, Golfer in Chief; the UN is drafting another ignorable resolution; and American liberals are busy trying to spread the blame around (they are redistributionists)… Roosevelt once explained that we should “speak softly, and carry a big stick.” Unfortunately, most of the Western World has adopted only the first half of this proverb. So, really, is it any surprise that a bunch of radical butchers think they can get away with a little world domination?

Also, someone should probably explain to Obama that golf clubs don’t count as sticks.