Bloomberg Is His Own Worst Enemy on Gun-Control

Posted: Apr 28, 2014 12:01 AM
Bloomberg Is His Own Worst Enemy on Gun-Control

THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED to reflect that "Hoosiers against Gun Violence" is not directly related to Bloomberg’s Everytown organization. Please read the full update at the end of this article.

At first, it looked like an epic-fail (and I really hate that phrase) for Michael Bloomberg’s new gun control group, Everytown For Gun Safety. Deciding that they should organize a protest outside of the NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis, gun control advocates “flocked” to show their disdain for American gun-owners… But, there was only one problem: With a mere 25 people deciding to show up for one of the local rallies, the “protest” looked more like an OFA global warming meeting.

Apparently, two dozen people was the absolute most the anti-gun group, Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence, was able to gather for the afternoon… Heck, I could probably attract a larger crowd by handing out high-capacity sodas on any given afternoon.

At first, this almost seems like a failure in the anti-gunner’s ability to effectively influence the debate over gun-rights. But, judging by a recent video of anti-gun activists in Virginia, the relative invisibility of this rally might be a blessing in disguise for the Nannycrat’s group. After all, the protesters that make a habit of picketing the NRA headquarters in Virginia aren’t exactly the most eloquent spokespeople for the repeal of American rights.

Ha…Knife control. (It already exists.) Gun control advocates should start taking gun-safety lessons… Maybe then, they’d stop shooting themselves in the foot.

Let’s face it: The anti-gunners don’t really have a stellar track record of swaying the masses. Pierce Morgan was canned from CNN after deciding to make gun control his crusade. Of course, he didn’t exactly learn his lesson: Just last week he called concealed carry advocates “assassins”. He’s even continued his anti-NRA rant with the absurd allegation that the NRA is colluding with gun manufacturers in an effort to arm every American… Which, really doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. I mean, heck, at least the bad guys would be out-gunned. (Maybe we should just make anyone who doesn’t purchase a gun subject to a special tax. After all, Pierce seemed pretty amicable to a similar idea when it came to healthcare.)

Everytown has already managed to show its gross ignorance on gun issues… And they’ve only been around for a matter of months. Recently they released a fear-mongering poster, asking when we will tire of gun violence… If you can’t see what’s wrong with this poster, you clearly don’t understand the conceptual mechanics of firearms (and therefore, shouldn’t exactly be in charge of regulating them):

So while the rally in the Hoosier state may seem like a failure for Team Bloomberg, it might actually be a blessing. After all, Hoplophobics can’t really show their ignorance, if no one is watching them. My advice to Bloomy is that he should lay low for a little while. Maybe, if he stays out of the spotlight, people will start to forget how discredited his arguments really are.

**UPDATE: Representatives from Everytown have pointed out that Bloombeg’s group is not affiliated with the group that had a dismal performance over the weekend. (It actually seems like Bloomberg managed to lure a couple hundred protesters to show up to his event.) Also, the graphic mentioned above has been credited to an organization other than Everytown’s PR department. Everytown has denied any affiliation with the graphic…

I would like to direct your attention, in lieu of recent events, to this article that makes the point I was trying to make in regards to the aforementioned graphic: Ignorant Governing.