Gun Control Activists Petition Visa to Ditch the NRA

Posted: Feb 23, 2014 12:01 AM
Gun Control Activists Petition Visa to Ditch the NRA

Gun control advocates are trying to shame Visa. Well, actually they’re trying to demonize America’s oldest civil rights organization, by shaming Visa. According to, proponents of tighter gun-control gathered outside of Visa’s Washington office to pressure the credit card giant into cutting ties with the NRA. A petition was even made to put an end to the NRA Visa card. (What! The NRA has a Visa card? Hang on…)

The protest and petition was in response to the NRA’s Visa card that “helps protect Second Amendment rights” with every purchase. Apparently the card (from here on known as “my favorite credit card ever”… Oh, look, they even have a rewards card) has helped the NRA raise more than $20 million. And, evidently, this is really irritating leftists who have absolutely no connection to the NRA, the NRA Visa card, or the people who have applied for the NRA Visa card.

One would almost think that freedom of association (or disassociation) would be sufficient for these leftists. After all, it’s not as if they are being sent these NRA cards by Visa… (Although they should. Look: no annual fee!) But the mere fact that someone might apply for a credit card that benefits a political organization they despise, has compelled them to hold a protest against the credit card giant.

The truth is, these anti-gun activists have no legitimate complaint against Visa. Ostensibly, the only people who obtain these pro-Second-Amendment cards (which apparently come with 6 months of 0% APR) are people who are already inclined to support the NRA. Furthermore, it’s not as if Visa is refusing to extend such business offers to groups like Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the Coalition Against Gun Violence, or even the Communist Party of America.

Which, really, gets to the heart of the matter: The PR protest on February 20th, in front of Visa’s Washington office, was less about expressing rage at Visa, and more about trying to demonize the NRA. The protestors aren’t angry with Visa for extending business offers to a legitimate civil rights organization. They’re upset that Visa doesn’t share their complete hatred for the NRA.

Their outrage at Visa is nothing more than a public relations campaign to portray any association (including a peripheral business association) with the NRA as an overwhelming support of “gun violence.” And, unfortunately, such tactics have largely been successful. Even the NFL has felt bullied by the left’s unrelenting efforts to portray guns as an evil political philosophy, rather than a legitimate self-defense tool. During the Super Bowl, car companies, tech companies, retail companies, and almost every other main-stream company was allowed to advertise (assuming they had millions of dollars to spend)… But not gun companies.

As a result, Visa is committing a mortal sin among the left for facilitating the NRA’s activities. The anti-gun advocates might as well be upset over the fact that some credit card members will likely use their cards to purchase guns and ammo… Which, by the way, could earn quite a few rewards for anyone with “my favorite credit card ever.” (You’re welcome Visa.)