The Intolerance of the Left

Posted: Mar 29, 2013 12:01 AM

I noticed something about Liberals on Facebook today. Amidst the spontaneous and bandwidth-wasting images of cats and children doing mildly entertaining things, I stumbled across a plethora of posts regarding gay marriage. While reading the posts, it became immediately clear the majority of Facebook users who claim to be my friends agree: Opponents to gay marriage are hateful, bigoted, homophobes. Which is strange: I never thought of my pastor that way.

I believe a man and a woman building a family together is fundamentally different than two people of the same sex who decide to live together. But that hardly makes me a bigot. It makes me opinionated. Maybe when the intolerant left stops calling me nasty names, I’ll consider supporting something along the lines of a civil union. But this is about more than gay marriage. This is about a growing trend among American Liberals.

For being a movement that supported the KKK, segregation, abortion, and confiscation of personal property the Progressives in this country act awfully righteous.  They are the selfless (which is why they take other people’s money in the form of taxation), righteous (which is why they support a woman’s right to kill her unborn baby), and the peaceful (which is why they say nothing about the increasing number of American casualties in Afghanistan). And yet: they are quick to wage battle against the character of their opponents.

Consider the most recent debate regarding sequestration: We heard horror stories from the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and Maxine Waters about the evil Republican plan to starve children and kill minorities. Rather than giving an intellectually honest argument for increased government spending, they did their best to demonize their opposition. It’s as if the American left expects the public to believe anyone who disagrees with them is a Hitler clone. (It seems an appropriate time to point out that he was a socialist.)

A book could be written, persuasively, about Liberal hypocrisy. They scream about money in politics, while Goldman Sacs Executives contribute to their campaigns. They complain about crony capitalism, after taking over GM. They say Paul Ryan wants to throw granny off a cliff, while Obamacare strips 600 billion dollars from Medicare. The most egregious part of it however goes beyond simple double-speak: It’s their insistence that they are the party of tolerance. (Being “tolerant” apparently means hating conservative values.)

Americans are taught by the liberal elite that their personal opinions, so long as they are “progressive”, are precious. And, worse yet, many of them believe it. When they stumble across someone of a different persuasion, their first reaction is to throw a temper tantrum. . . So, here is a challenge to liberals: Tolerate a difference in opinion before calling me intolerant.

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