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Here's a scary political thought for all Americans.

If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were old enough, and American voters were stupid enough, she could be elected president next year.


"AOC" - as the rookie House member from New York City has been nicknamed - is only 29, which makes her constitutionally too young to join the mob of mostly leftwing Democrats competing to run against Donald Trump next year.

But according to a recent poll, 74 percent of Democrats said if given the chance they'd vote for Ocasio-Cortez for president in 2020.

Don't worry.

Our country's celebrated young social warrior is never going to be elected president of the United States - not even if she lives to be Hillary Clinton's age and gets lots of free help from Stephen Colbert, the Russians or the FBI.

AOC's age and inexperience are not her biggest obstacles, though.

It's her really bad socialist ideas - free health care for all, free college for all, confiscatory 70 percent tax rates for millionaires, etc. - that'll keep her from the White House.

Her leftwing positions, which appeal to the historical and economic ignorance of her fellow millennials and the slobbering liberal media, are actually not much worse than those of most of the presidential wannabes in her party.

She's just more enthusiastic, more youthful and more giggly - and already knows how to tweet like a president.

For now - and probably forever - AOC's role is to be the cheerful mascot of the national Democratic Party, which, like her, has decided that the way to make the country great again is to exchange American capitalism for Venezuelan-style socialism.

She and her socialist friends pose no real threat to Trump or Republicans or America.


American voters - especially the older ones of both parties who remember when America was great - are too smart and sensible.

They'll never let her or one of her older socialist brothers or sisters get in the Oval Office. Ditto for Grandpa Bernie.

Ocasio-Cortez and her generation are clueless about America's greatness because they were taught a bunch of leftwing history in school.

They have no recollection of when America was great, how we got to be so great and prosperous or what made us the leader of the free world.

There's only one big guy in Washington talking about America being great and keeping it great.

It's the president. And he's taken to task and abused every day, by almost everyone, for everything he says and does.

Meanwhile, as the Democrats in the House of Pelosi waste their days investigating President Trump and trying to block anything he wants to do, their national party is making a hard turn to the left.

Ocasio-Cortez is the celebrity bus driver with no GPS. The liberal media treat her like a political genius, mainly because they are as dumb as she is about the benefits of things like capitalism and border walls.

But despite what she and her fellow socialists in the Democrat Party think, they are not going to lead the country to a better, greater place in 2020. They're just leading their party over a cliff.

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