Submissive Wife or Submissive President?

Posted: Aug 16, 2011 1:12 PM

During the GOP debate last Thursday, Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann was asked, “as president, would you be submissive to your husband?” Why was she asked such a question? Because, as a Christian, Mrs. Bachmann had previously espoused the belief that a wife should be submissive to her husband.

The crowd booed the question. Mrs. Bachmann was gracious in her reply.

I have some advice, should candidate Bachmann ever be asked that question again, which is likely to happen now that she has won the Iowa straw poll. (Full Disclosure: Michele Bachmann has endorsed my book Underdogma as a “must read,” but I do not work for her, nor do I declare that she “must read” my suggestions, although she is more than welcome to).

The next time Mrs. Bachmann is asked about being “submissive,” try answering:

“As president, I will not be submissive to the King of Saudi Arabia, by bowing down to him like President Obama did.”

“As president, I will not be submissive to the emperor and empress of Japan, by bowing down to them like President Obama did.”

“As president, I will not be submissive to Chinese premier Wen Jaibao, by bowing down to him like President Obama did.”

“As president of the United States, and if I were last year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient as President Obama was, I would not have been submissive to the jailer of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient—Chinese president Hu Jintao—by serving him a state dinner with full honors.”

“As president, I will not be submissive to the United Nations, nor submit American policy and American power to the United Nations by declaring, as Barack Obama did during his first UN address: ‘No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed. No balance of power among nations will hold.’”

“As president, I will not be submissive to Europe, like President Obama was when he badmouthed American power and ‘arrogance,’ saying, ‘In America, there’s a failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.’”

“As president, I will not be submissive like Barack Obama was when he said to the leaders of Venezuela, Haiti, Grenada, Ecuador, Columbia, Chile, Suriname, and others: ‘I pledge to you that we seek an equal partnership. There is no senior partner and junior partner in our relations.’”

“As president, I will not be submissive to the Arab world by bowing down to them, apologizing for America’s power, and blaming American power for Islamist rage. Because, not only is bowing down to them wrong, it also doesn’t work, as evidenced by a new Zogby poll that shows the Arab world now hates America more today than it did under President Bush, and hates president Obama personally more than president Bush.”

“Finally, as president, I will not be submissive to union bosses, to billionaire puppetmasters like George Soros, or to militant anti-American leftists who demonize our soldiers and preach ‘God damn America.’ And, unlike President Obama, I will not be submissive to indicted or convicted special interest groups like ACORN, or to Weatherman terrorists, or those who want to see Israel wiped from the map.”

“Instead, as President, I will be submissive to the American People, and to the Constitution, because as President I will honor my oath to serve both the Constitution and the People—unlike the current president of the United States and his minions who demonize patriotic and Constitution-loving Americans as ‘terrorists.’”

Submission is not the issue. It is who, and what, you submit to that matters.

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