Dems Discover the Truth About All Us Koch Brother Conservatives

Posted: Mar 03, 2015 1:09 AM
Dems Discover the Truth About All Us Koch Brother Conservatives

For those of you currently on the Koch Brothers political agenda payroll, have open applications pending into the "club," or have been involved in the marketing campaign to cover up the true agenda of conservatives, we all have something to be a little concerned about: Our secret has been discovered.

Here's what happened: Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) was speaking at a Democrat fundraiser last week and in response to the tea party and other conservative's rallying cry of wanting to "take our country back!", he said this:

“You can’t have it back. We’re not going back to a day when we were segregated. We’re not going back to a day when women were considered secondary citizens. We’re not going back.”

Obviously this has the potential to be catastrophic.

Back when I was brought into the fold, given the secret password and special handshake, informed of the real agenda, and received my first big check, the most important thing was to keep it all extraordinarily top secret. But somehow Representative Cleaver - and who knows how many others - has figured it out. Or some turncoat has spilled the beans.

For the most part, the fake agenda of the conservative right has been successfully disseminated and spread throughout the country. False flag issues like the desire for smaller government, individual responsibility, lower tax rates, a return to Constitutionality, and a balanced budget are the ideas most people now associate with the political right. This narrative has for the most part been broadly communicated and accepted as true.

Last Fall's election, with overwhelming victories for Republicans in multiple statehouses, governor's mansions, and in the U.S. Congress, was certainly the stunning climax to a years long effort to install candidates who are receptive to our plan. For the most part, they were elected based upon their true beliefs and publicly voiced commitments to the false flag issues. They all participated in the secret ceremonies of which we've become so fond. Fortunately, the electorate bought the lies hook, line, and sinker.

As you certainly realized when analyzing Cleaver's statement, however, as much as he correctly identified two important issues to us all, segregating the races and demeaning women, the equally important third leg of our agenda seems to be as-yet-unknown. That is the idea, of course, that the workers and middle class of America should exist only to enrich the wealthy and privileged. Essentially, we've redesigned capitalism to benefit a fortunate few.

As we are all well aware, the compromise reached over the last decade with regard to prioritization of the three main issues was not easily achieved. There were those that insisted that white supremacy be the overarching theme while others felt that a ruthless enslavement of Americans that would accrue power and assets to the 1% should have primacy. Complicating the argument was the universally agreed upon importance of male domination. The final synthesis, the one that resulted in our secret "Tri-Pod" logo, was a solution that captured the essence of all three ideas. So far, it has been a smashing success.

Going forward, it seems like the unearthing of our real agenda hasn't received the press we might have feared. If it does become an issue, the as-trained responses should suffice. Deny that it's true and reuse the same old talking points as cover. Repeat as necessary. We've all become adept at repeating the lie: "The government should spend less, we want to be left alone, and decisions should be made by individuals and not some far-off official or bureaucrat." Practice this until you can deliver it as if you really mean it.

At some point we'll have sufficient political cover to tell the truth and effect the changes we really want. Getting the U.S. back to being segregated upon racial lines, forcing the retreat of women, and an economic system that takes from the poor and gives to the rich is a worthwhile goal. Don't give up hope and keep up the good work!