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An Open Letter To Megyn Kelly

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Dear Megyn,

Along with millions of Americans, I have watched your rise to national prominence with great interest and I was fascinated to see how you seemed to unnerve no less a prominent personality than Donald Trump with your forthright questions. Nicely done.


As to the purpose of this letter, I have viewed you as a moderate conservative rather than an extreme right-wing conservative, but still, I was shocked to see you disparage the idea of biological sex during your interview last week with Montel Williams, discussing North Carolina’s HB2.

Not only did you clearly side with Williams in his strident critique of the Bathroom Privacy Act – don’t forget that Williams last year compared conservatives who oppose gay “marriage” to ISIS and the Taliban – but you seemed to adapt the mindset of the radical left, affirming transgender activist talking points.

With regard to biological sex, you said, “Basically, [the bill] just says the part we were discussing there, if you're transgendered, you can't use the bathroom of choice. You have to use the bathroom of the sex that you were born with basically” – and you spoke the words “of the sex that you were born with” in a clearly mocking tone.

Megyn, when you saw your babies for the first time on an ultrasound and the nurse or doctor said, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” I seriously doubt that you protested and replied, “What an antiquated concept! I don’t believe kids are born with a specific sex. Let’s give them a few years to decide if they are male, female, neither, or both – however they self-identify.”

Obviously not.

And in the days before ultrasounds, when the doctor told your mom at your birth, “It’s a girl!” I’m sure your mom didn’t say, “Not so fast doctor! The plumbing may be female but we have no idea how our child will identify.”


Obviously, when you and your husband heard the news that you were having a boy or a girl, you picked out appropriate names and clothes. Why? Because you recognize that children are born with a biological sex, and well over 99% of the time, there is neither physical ambiguity about this at birth nor emotional ambiguity about this in the years that follow.

As a talk radio host myself, I understand how we can sometimes over-sympathize with a guest, but I would hate to think that, at this point in your career, you simply sided with the radical views of Montel Williams.

Could you take a minute and watch the segment again? It’s right here, with your relevant comments starting at about 1:04.

Please tell me that you were caught up in the moment and that you weren’t demeaning the idea that we are born with a biological sex.

To be candid, though, my hopes that you’ll do the right thing are tempered because of additional comments you made in solidarity with Montel.

He made the ludicrous claim that if you were a transgender individual who had sex-change surgery and altered your birth certificate and “you go to North Carolina, you have to carry your birth certificate with you because that's the only way to validate your sex.”

You replied, “I know. Is there a potty police?”

Did you really intend to say this? Were you not aware that many girls have been traumatized by the presence of biological males in their school bathrooms and locker rooms?

As a wife and mother, do you not care about them at all?


Were you not aware of the substantial percentage of women who are victims of rape and sexual abuse, many of whom are terrified at the prospect of seeing a biological male in their bathrooms and changing rooms and they are shocked that you and Montel are siding against them?

And were you not aware of the heterosexual predators who have already used transgender bathroom access laws as a cloak for their own activities?

Do you dismiss all this as some kind of right-wing delusion?

When Montel said, “I think someone will be standing outside to ask us to pull down our pants,” rather than say, “You can’t mean that seriously,” you replied, “Talk about invasion of privacy.”

For good reason, Megyn, many of your fans were disappointed and even mortified by your comments.

Surely you can do better than this, and I encourage you to regain some lost credibility by doing some more study on the issue and having on some guests who can refute the Montel Williams talking points.

Better still, why not revisit the issue yourself and retract your mocking comments?

That would be worthy of the platform and prestige you have today.

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