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Mordechai Will Not Bow!

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Since the Supreme Court’s infamous decision on June 26th to redefine marriage, our ideological opponents have openly mocked us. “Your side lost,” they shout. “It’s over! Just crawl into a corner and lick your wounds.”


Even before the Supreme Court’s decision, many conservative activists had already capitulated and thrown in the towel, urging us to consolidate our losses and move on. When it comes to homosexual issues, they assured us, the culture wars are over.

And that was prior to June 26th.

Now, they tell us without question, the ship has sailed.

In the words of a hostile comment posted on my YouTube channel: “These religious [expletives] don't only want to hate you they want to control you to. Ain't happening in this life time. You lost this fight a long long time ago, you and all these stone aged, bible thumping, Neanderthal sheep are just too stupid to realize it. You have won nothing at all against gay marriage. Actually last i heard it's legal in the whole u.s. now, that's how much people won't tolerate your religious prosecution of others. You can talk and whine like a little baby till someone sticks a bottle in your mouth, it won't change the fact that gays are allowed to be married. Enjoy!”

Similar sentiments were expressed by the editor for Huffington Post’s Gay Voices when we interacted on Twitter. He wrote: “you can wage your war but people like kim davis and you are becoming jokes. you've lost.”

He was seconded by another gay activist who simply wrote, “and you already lost. Bye,” which drew this final word from the HuffPost editor: “YES. And we are never going back to the dark ages of inequality again -- over my dead faggot body.”


I responded, “I stand for justice; I reject the redefinition of marriage. You never know how the tide will turn next.” And, “Stay tuned. You'll be quite surprised with what the future holds.”

History has a way of surprising us, does it not?

For years I have been saying that, as surely as there was a Civil Rights movement in America, there will be a gospel-based moral and cultural revolution, and I still believe that to the core of my being.

It may be counterintuitive.

Some may call it denial or cognitive dissonance.

So be it.

I still believe, as surely as God is God, that unless Jesus returns to earth first, the tide will turn in America and there will be a holy pushback, a Spirit-empowered counterculture revolution.

How far it will go I do not know, but I sense that it is in the air already, at least in its earliest stages.

Not a war on gays.

Not an attempt to make America into a Christian theocracy.

But a grass roots uprising of committed followers of Jesus who refuse to cave in to the culture, regardless of which way the tide turns.

And so, no matter what society pushes on us and no matter what price we have to pay, by God’s grace, we will not capitulate and we will not compromise our convictions.

This is how we outlast the gay revolution, although even to speak such words – let alone write a whole book on that theme – is to draw all kinds of ridicule, including online comments like this: “You’re not outlasting [expletive]. This is here to stay.” And this, from a man named Paul: “Hey white haired boy die off soon love to use your book for toilet paper.”


Sorry, Paul, but we’re not dying off. In fact, as the Lord shows favor, we are multiplying, not dying out.

So, you had better get used to it.

We’re here for the long haul, doing what is right, walking in love towards all, and refusing to compromise our convictions.

In the last chapter of Outlasting the Gay Revolution I share a famous account from the book of Esther about Haman and Mordechai.

Now, to be perfectly clear, I was not comparing Haman (who wanted to slaughter all the Jews) to gay activists (as if they wanted to slaughter their enemies).

That is not the point I was making, nor do I believe it to be true.

Instead, I pointed to an interesting psychological parallel between the attitude of Haman and the attitude of many gay activists, also pointing to Mordechai as an example to follow.

According to the book of Esther, although Haman had become a highly exalted official in the Persian Empire with all citizens having to bow down to him on sight, Mordechai refused to bow down, which really riled Haman (see Esther 3). The adulation of all the people was not enough for Haman. This one Jew had to bow the knee (or be killed) or Haman would not be satisfied.

Ultimately, the tables were turned and Mordechai became exalted, after which Haman’s demise came quickly.

In the same way, gay activists will not be satisfied with victory after victory as long as there is a group that refuses to bow down to their agenda, a group that is even allowed to dissent legally, which is why our religious freedoms are now under constant attack.


I’m here to declare that Mordechai will not bow.

As Jesus declared in a different context, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church (see Matthew 16:18).

America may collapse into a moral stupor.

Pressure against believers may rise to an all-time national high.

But we are not going anywhere, and with the help of God Himself, I’ll say it again: Mordechai will not bow!

The opposition will only galvanize the remnant and make us stronger.

The revolution is gaining ground, and Mordechai is standing strong

Are you with me?

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