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UW Radical Prof Now Supplying Kenosha Rioters

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AP Photo/Morry Gash

MADISON — The University of Wisconsin-Madison professor who earlier this week took to Twitter to cheer on rioters apparently is now supplying them. 

And UW really doesn’t seem to give a damn. 

Dr. Sami Schalk, among the liberal university’s long lineup of radical leftists, advised Black Lives Matter protesters heading out to riot-ravaged Kenosha and Madison, “please don’t video tape folks doing anything illegal.” 

"(W)ear black, wear shoes you can run in bring water, masks, phone battery, snacks. If you get gassed, rinse your eyes w/ water only, we don’t know what chemical they’re using,” the associate professor at UW’s Department of Gender & Women’s studies also admonished. 

That was on the second night of the rioting and looting that followed the officer-involved shooting of a black man, a night that left portions of the city in smoldering ruins. 

Later, Schalk announced

“I’m helping supply a group of folks headed to Kenosha tonight. If you want to add to the supply fund for things like water, snacks, first aid supplies, inhalers & ear plugs hit me up on CashApp as $SamiSchalk or PayPal.” 

She boasted that she spent so much money on her credit card in the past two days for supplies “that I just got a fraud alert. But it was all me.” 

How does the university feel about their professor’s encouragement of illegal activity? 

“UW-Madison supports peaceful protest and activism among our students, faculty and staff. We oppose racism and continue to take actions to build a more diverse and inclusive university,” spokesman John Lucas wrote in an email to Empower Wisconsin, after repeated requests for comment. 

Yes, diverse and inclusive university. But what about professors supplying rioters? 

“UW-Madison does not endorse views or opinions shared on personal social media accounts of students, faculty and staff,” Lucas said. 

“As a public institution, we recognize the First Amendment rights of students, faculty and staff to express themselves as private citizens and must address such matters consistent with the strict legal limitations that apply to public universities,” he added. 

What if a university employee is aiding and abetting criminal activity? 

“You have our response,” Lucas wrote in a curt, follow-up email. 

The professor draws a taxpayer-funded salary of more than $102,000 per year, according to a Wisconsin State Journal database. 

Schalk came under fire in June after she endorsed the rioters that tore down iconic statues, firebombed public property, and beat up a gay state senator who is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“For folks tsk-tsk-ing about statues coming down, let me say this: Those objects have no meaning other than as representations of the state for most young protesters,” she tweeted. “Why should they give a fuck about a dead white dude abolitionist when our people are in cages?”

The “dead white dude” in question is Col. Hans Christian Heg, who abhorred slavery so much he raised a Wisconsin-based Scandinavian regiment and fought and died in the Civil War. His statue on the State Capitol grounds was ripped down by rioters, decapitated and dumped into Lake Monona. 

“Make real substantive long term change commitments or the uprisings will continue,” Schalk threatened. “So many people have so little to lose in the wake of the pandemic. Folks got time & anger & not much else to do with it but disrupt the fuck out of this city.” 

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