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Oh yes, this can apply to both parties. To channel Ann Coulter for a second, there are a ton of bad Republicans, but there are no good Democrats. Even the ones I like now are on an island by themselves. Joe Manchin is a dying breed, though if there were more Democrats like him on the Hill—more things would get done because the initial drafts of these bills wouldn't be to the left of Lenin. We're taking an acid trip, folks. It's Willy Wonka's ferry ride, but the maelstrom of psychedelics doesn't stop. There's all this talk about how the GOP has changed. Wrong. It's the Democrats. It's the left. They've become an extreme and utterly bizarre party that focuses on things that normal people couldn't really give a crap about. 

You see this with these primetime hearings about January 6. Who the hell cares? Americans are now prioritizing which bills to pay because inflation is killing working families. On top of that anxiety is whether mom and dad can fill up the gas tank to get to work. The liberal response is to mock those who can't fill their gas tanks. 

"They should have bought electric cars." That's the mantra. 

Then, we have a baby formula shortage that has mothers being unable to feed their kids. Joe Biden knew about this months ago and did nothing. The liberal reaction was to mock this story because only Fox News reported on it. The left has shut the hell up about it now that everyone has reported on it. Still, we were right. They were wrong. A party that can't get baby formula on the shelves is not one worth keeping in power. Forget the anemic jobs growth. Forget COVID. If you can't feed America's babies, you're a worthless party. 

It's laziness. Did Democrats think that once Joe Biden sat in the chair in the Oval Office, all would be solved? This isn't "The Sims." It's not a video game. You must work, and from what we've all seen, Joe can't do it. He's too old, slow, and stupid to be president. His vice president is young, stupid, and might have Tourette's syndrome with her incessant laughing tics. Chuck Schumer holds votes that have zero chance of passing, further embarrassing how this party governs. It's as if they think their moral superiority complex will yield dividends, like the automatic passage of "Build Back Better" and the voting rights bill that was really a federalization of elections that rigged the system in favor of Democrats.

The plan to solve inflation is to spend more money. The plan to solve the baby formula crisis was initially to do nothing; Biden didn't know, or he forgot. There is no plan to curb rising gas prices. Maybe killing the Keystone Pipeline was a bad idea. Maybe killing new leases on federal land while gas prices were soaring was a bad idea. This party's energy policy is to kill…all forms of energy. Cheap energy has contributed mightily to making our nation a superpower. Democrats want to end that. So, for working-class families and fixed-income seniors, the left just gave you all the finger. Your home budgets from the closure of coal plants are about to get nuked. And that's after the first haymaker that will be delivered regarding college debt relief. 

Now, this has no chance of passing, but it's a major action item for these clowns, so we're going to have to hear about how Democrats want the working class and those without higher education, which is around 75 percent of the country, to provide a bailout to the whiny, snobby, elitist college kids who are saddled with debt after earning worthless degrees. These kids think that a college degree means an automatic six-figure salary, a key to the executive washroom, and two weeks' vacation. No. You have to work, kiddos. There will be times when you don't leave the office. I slept in the office at my first job, and the annual salary was around what Gordon Gekko made…in two hours of trading. The thing is I knew what I was getting into from the get-go. 

Mocking people for not having electric cars, asking the working people to bailout college kids—it all points to a party that is detached from reality. Then, we have their social policies, like letting domestic abusers and violent criminals back out on the street since cash bail is no more. Stealing is ok. The police are evil. It's a mess. San Francisco fired their district attorney for being pillow-soft on crime. He's the unholy spawn of two domestic terrorists, which should have disqualified him from being part of any aspect of the American justice system, let alone any elected office. The white progressives wanted him to stay. The nonwhites wanted him gone, so please, liberal media—try and manufacture a "this is white supremacy" narrative from that. Oh, they came up with a new one: SF is a conservative city. Really? One of the most progressive cities in America that's also a quasi-Mecca for the gays was really a right-wing enclave this whole time? Really? 

Then, we have all these freak teachers coming out as transgender to their kindergarteners, doling out puberty blockers to pre-teens, and all of this done under the cover of darkness. They don't want these kids telling their parents either. It's why the Twitter account Libs of TikTok was attacked and its owner doxxed by the liberal media. It was too good shredding liberal narratives and exposing the unholy nonsense going on in our schools. I'm not really a culture warrior, folks. I'm anti-abortion but lean libertarian on other things. This is too much. Trying to make all the little kiddies gay and trans when they don't even know what gender identity means—they're pre-teens—is beyond inappropriate. Second, why are these teachers coming out as trans or whatever to their second-grade class? They're not your support group. In the meantime, we have an education gap due to the COVID lockdowns that we will probably never bridge—ever. The teachers' unions will hinder progress as they always do. The Democrats will attack others trying to find new ways to improve education since they need to keep unions happy.

The Democrats can't create jobs. They can't get a realistic energy policy together. They can't get anything passed in Congress. What are they good for? Maybe they could get something done if all of their bills weren't left-wing piles of hot garbage? Oh, and I forgot the border—but you already know what a mess that is down there. They screw up our kids with all this COVID stuff in the classroom and outside of it. They're killing working families with inflation. There is no plan. All the Democrats can do is blame Putin, but everyone saw this coming, and gas prices and economic torpor were already here before Putin's tanks invaded Ukraine. American mothers have seen home budgets get eaten due to Biden's horrific agenda. 

You just have ideas that aren't for normal working people because you have none in your ranks. It's all white progressives, snobby, wealthy, and totally detached from reality. The best part is that Democrats thought they had something going with the leaked Supreme Court opinion on abortion and these mass shootings in Texas and Buffalo. That won't matter come November. Nobody will care. It's all about the economy, which the Democrats refuse to act upon in any meaningful way. 

And with everything going for them, watch Republicans do something monumentally stupid, like having bipartisan talks on gun control and immigration, to torpedo their chances of a killer midterm season. 

You can get things done with a 50-50 Senate and a four-seat majority in the House. You can—it just can't be leftist gibberish, which is what Biden and his clown car tried to ram through and failed. 


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