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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Violent crime is another issue facing voters this year. It's not like this is a surprise societal ill. We saw the rise in violent crime coming back in 2020. The left coddled violent criminals and made it easier for them to post bail. They spit in the faces of cops over a few officer-involved shootings. Defund the police became the war cry. Pro-criminality became the accepted position on policy. 

In Seattle, city officials allowed armed leftists to seize control of a portion of the city, which became the infamous CHAZ zone. How did local leaders react? Oh, then-Mayor Jenny Durkan said it was going to be a "summer of love." That died quickly when gun battles and dead people started to pile up—and no emergency services came because, well—it was CHAZ zone time. 

The recent subway attack in New York City should be a turning point. There was a crazy person who decided to pop some smoke grenades and shoot people. Luckily, no one was killed. The shooter, Frank James, an alleged black nationalist, was caught 30 hours later. James is black, which is why this story might go into the bunker as ordered by the liberal media. It still doesn't cloud the overwhelming need for the Big Apple, and all cities for that matter, to declare war on crime. 

Yeah, I know. Shouldn't that be the default position for any governing body? Well, Democrats only feel bad for the people who break the law, remember? There are scores of cities where cops are prevented from doing their jobs. We have bail "reform" laws that don't keep violent criminals off the streets. In South Carolina, the man who might have been involved in shooting up a mall in Columbia was given a $25,000 bond. And get this, he can still go to work! He just has to wear a monitoring bracelet. That's insane

It's painfully obvious that the left couldn't care less for the families of the victims these thugs have victimized. Their push to destroy law enforcement has only led to an explosion of crime. Not to pick on Seattle, but its police force is so depleted due to the ongoing abuse inflicted upon officers by the woke city council that it doesn't have enough cops to investigate rapes. 

So, rapists—if you want to commit sex assaults and get away with it, go to Seattle. This message is brought to you by the Emerald City. 

Crime is not at the top of the list anymore, but this rise in mayhem in urban America remains a salient issue. Once the economic sting fades, after seeing how much their paycheck is cannibalized by inflation, the gas pump, and grocery store, American families will not be thrilled by the increased violence. And it’s not just a city problem. It’s spilling into the suburbs. 

The left hit the pause button because Trump was president. No one wants to defund the police. That talking point is dead. The Democratic Party, for the most part, has run away from it. Nonwhite voters have rejected voter initiatives like the one in Minneapolis, so there's no blowback to holding the position that cops should be allowed to arrest bad guys. 

In New York City, it’s time for Mayor Eric Adams to unleash his former colleagues and clean up the streets. He’s a former cop. He ran on a campaign for enhanced public safety. Let the NYPD get back out there. Yes, the plain-clothes units are back out there, which is the right step, but stop-and-frisk should come back as well. Turn the cops loose, Mr. Mayor. The Big Apple has seen a 72 percent increase in robberies and a 28 percent increase in assaults. Shootings in the city seem out of control. The voters put you in there to make things safe again.

The left is going to push back. For some odd reason, they feel that voters want more shootings, rapes, assaults, and robberies in their neighborhoods. Liberal America should heed a warning that not everything is about abortion and contraception. You know, that's what they're testing in the messaging well. Inflation is soaring. Gas prices are through the roof, but the GOP wants to ban all abortions. Suburban women are smarter than that—they're also not full-blown woke, as seen with their crusade against local school boards that are out of control. 

Women balance the budgets of America's homes. Better economic policy and public safety are top-tier issues; it’s not just an unhealthy obsession about abortion all the time. That's the privilege of the professional elites who have nothing else to do, which must be nice. I won't be shocked if the progressive left's operative class goes heavy on this to distract from the ongoing domestic crises. It's a sign that the bubble hasn't burst in these circles if they think abortion can save Joe Biden and the Democrats come November. The Hispanic vote has slipped away from Democrats. Young people have bolted from Joe, and no—canceling student debt won't save Democrats with this group either. 

The GOP runs on smaller government, lower taxes, more jobs, national security, and just allowing America to thrive. Democrats want to ensure we all drown in inflation, have a regulatory state as intrusive as the SS, and want our schools to teach little kids about weird sexual proclivities. Gender is erased. Pedophilia is normalized. It is a party made up of extreme, unhinged, sex perverts who should be nowhere near DC until they get their act together. Oh, and the endless obsession with COVID and masks won't do Democrats any favors either. 

We're entering a period of insanity. There will be many wars fought during this period. The culture war is one that will never die. For now, prior to the midterms, the war on crime should be one we can all support, and there's no risk either. Even if Democrats clean up the streets, it won't save them in November. That's for those who think such an initiative might better the left's 2022 chances. There is nothing they can do to save them from total defeat. It's the GOP's election cycle to lose at this point – unless Biden restarts the Keystone Pipeline, ends the war in Ukraine, creates 5 million jobs a month, and gets inflation under control. But we all know he can’t do that. He won’t do that. The man could barely manage to be outside during the Easter Egg roll. 


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