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They can't leave us alone. They can't just keep their damn mouths shut. They can't. Why? Well, money, power, and endless media hits on MSNBC and CNN are certainly a draw. I don't know why on the latter part because no one watches either network. At the same time, it does tap into the vein of liberal America who is most susceptible to panic porn. So, as you know, we have a new COVID variant to kick off the holiday season, but the experts were more worried about one thing—and it had nothing to do with the virus' impact on humans.

No, seriously. The experts put political correctness above its impact on society. Is it more lethal? Is it more contagious? That wasn't the most pressing concern. It was whether the new name would make Beijing angry. You see, in the Greek alphabet, this would be the Xi variant. It is the Xi variant. Instead, they skipped over this portion to name it "Omicron," which sounds like a Transformer (via Wall Street Journal): 

As health authorities around the world grappled with the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus, virologists were struggling with a thorny question of their own: What should they name it?

The World Health Organization has been using Greek letters to refer to the most widely prevalent coronavirus variants, which otherwise carry unwieldy scientific names. It had already gone through 12 letters of the Greek alphabet when a new variant called B.1.1.529 was detected.

But the next two letters in the Greek alphabet, Nu and Xi, posed problems.

The WHO said it had skipped them because Nu was too easily confused with “new,” while Xi is a common surname. The body cited best practices for naming diseases that seek to avoid causing offense to any cultural, social, national, regional, professional or ethnic groups.

Xi ranked 296th last year among the most common family names in China, according to the government. The top 100 family names are used by about 85% of the population, official data show. The Xi surname is shared by Chinese President Xi Jinping

Until the practice of naming variants after characters in the Greek alphabet was adopted in May, new strains of the virus were commonly referred to by the country where they were first detected.

The new system sought to avoid stigmatizing countries that discover new variants. And so what was known as the U.K. variant—also the Kent variant after the English county where it was discovered—became Alpha, while a strain detected in South Africa was named Beta. Another thought to have originated in Brazil was given the name Gamma, while Delta was one of the variants first found in India.

Ok, enough of this crap. It's the Xi variant. It came from Wuhan, China. It escaped from a lab—and Dr. Anthony Fauci's NIH funneled the grants for the gain-of-function research. Also, of course, the World Health Organization is behind this nonsense. It's owned by China. They bought the 2017 director general election and here are the dividends. 

When the so-called experts are more worried about the name instead of the actual virus—you know this game is over. "Omicron" is not more lethal. It might be more contagious, but who cares if everyone infected with it has not been hospitalized? Yeah, you read that right. The Xi variant, which originated in South Africa, is no cause for panic. That's directly from the mouth of the South African doctor who found it. Stop panicking. 

Seriously, when WHO thought the fallout from this new variant would be more concentrated with its name, just yawn and move on. This isn't doomsday. This isn't apocalyptic. It's time to get on with our lives. Sports are back. Stadiums are full. Families visited each other for Thanksgiving, and no one better cancel their Christmas plans. COVID is over. It's time to start acting like it. And yes, viruses mutate—welcome to life. It's why there's no cure for the common cold. The flu changes every year. Get the shot, don't get the shot—it's up to you. And for God's sake, rip the masks off. 

This show is over—and Fauci is still a moron. 


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