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Enough is enough. We already have the Democratic Party and its allies in the maggot-infested liberal media to deal with on a daily basis. I’d rather not waste ammunition for firefights inside the ship, but after three years of this madness, it’s time to stop. Once again, we have to deal with the small “Fredocon” contingent, a term aptly coined by Kurt Schlichter for those who simply just don’t get it. They can’t get with the Trump Train program for some reason.

Look, I’m going to be honest. Donald Trump was not my first choice in 2016. I went the more traditional route, supporting Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and then Trump. I’m a party man. There will never ever be a day I vote for a Democrat. And yes, I’ve voted for some terrible GOP candidates, but it’s better than voting with the liberals. Period. There wasn’t enough gold in Fort Knox to make me vote for Clinton in 2016, and there aren’t enough diamonds housed in De Beers warehouses to make me even consider voting for Joe Biden. I hate the tired "country over party" nonsense tossed around by the losers of the GOP. My party is the country. And given how Democrats have become radicalized and perverted by this toxic cocktail of intersectionality, political correctness, speech codes, and critical race theory business, I have more reason to oppose everything these traitor Democrats propose.

In 2016, we had GOP traitors vote for Hillary. Why? If you’re a Republican, you support lower taxes, a smaller government, a strong national defense, gun rights, protecting the unborn, and are all-in-all proud to be a citizen of this country. Voting for Hillary Clinton casts you out. She and her party are everything you supposedly stand against. Sorry for being a bit trite there rehashing the party platform, but there has to be a foundation. The same is true now. If you support conservatism in America, you cannot vote for Joe Biden. If you do, you’re nothing but a weak, spineless traitor who has no business calling yourself a Republican. Go with the Democrats; you’ll find yourself cannibalized, cooked alive on their grill before the altar of political sacrifice. They don’t like you. They want to use you as ammunition to hurl back at Trump and the rest of us.

"Look, look, we have some GOPers who abandoned Trump." That’s the line. As soon as the ballots are counted, they’re going to eat you alive. And don’t come crawling back to us either. You left the herd—and now we’ll watch you die in the wilderness, to paraphrase Frank Underwood.

What is it with these people? They’re not even the majority of the party. They’re not even 10 percent of it, but they get all the media hits from CNN and MSNBC, which gives the impression that this Never Trump contingent is influential in the GOP. They’re not. They’re the circus act that we all want to douse in gasoline and set on fire. What is it? Is it the tweeting? The personality? The "he’s not a real conservative" reason? We’ve been here before—and no one cares. No one.

First, Trump won a nasty and vicious primary in 2016. There were supposedly some top dogs in the hunt. We had some party heavyweights, legacy members, up and coming stars—and Trump beat all of them. He won. If Trump wasn’t conservative enough, there were plenty of times to attack him on it—and he was. He still won. Trump won the primaries fair and square, and it was at that moment, around April, when it became clear that Trump was going to be the nominee, that the mission changed. Any real Republican knows that keeping Hillary Clinton from the White House was the new mission. And Trump, whether we liked him or not at the time, was our best shot. The Never Trump wing refused to accept this and tried that pathetic attempt to block him on the convention floor. I was there—talk about anti-climactic. The GOP base had changed. It was more populist, blue collar, and looking for something new after three consecutive presidential losses. The time of Bush, Reagan, McCain, and Mitt Romney, who has now shown himself to be a weak piece of trash, was over. The need for unity was palpable. When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) refused to endorse Trump at the convention with his weak sauce, "party unity, but vote your conscience bit," it drew boos louder than that of the mentions of Hillary prior to his address. The establishment tried to stop Trump and failed.

Sorry, I digress. The point was Never Trump never had a plan when the president secured the delegates. They never had a candidate. It was a pathetic scene to watch. By April 2016, the choice was clear for anyone who was a real party member. Vote Trump or watch Lady Macbeth wreck the country. It’s not a hard decision.

But Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s not serious. He’s a reality TV guy. No one cared, Never Trump trash. He cheated with porn stars. We all knew he wasn’t a saint. Next. He gave money to Democrats. He’s a billionaire businessman. He has to back both, and, in the world of construction, you pretty much have to in order to ensure access to contracts. Also, in general, rich people can pick both sides because, well, whoever wins—they’re still going to be rich as f***. Again, no one cared. And I like his Twitter account. We have a true direct link to the president of the United States every day.

Now, it’s true that Trump isn’t a conservative Republican in the traditional sense. He’s a right-leaning populist who is enacting 85-90 percent of what the old Reagan Republican establishment has advocated for years. Hell, for the first time in the past quarter-century, their agenda is now being enacted…by Trump. What’s not to like? He’s about to put another Supreme Court justice on the court; we’re going to get a solid conservative majority on SCOTUS. This has been something I’ve been looking forward to since Alito’s confirmation under Bush. I know others have waited much, much longer. He’s appointed and confirmed close to 300 more, which has altered the judiciary to our benefit. Have you noticed these lower court judges aren’t handing out nationwide injunctions anymore? It’s because Trump has put good jurists in there to b*tch slap these orders down. He’s cut taxes, reduced red tape, and created millions of jobs. Yes, COVID torched the economy, but that’s on China, not Trump. And since the gradual re-opening of the country, over 10 million jobs have been created in four months. That’s a remarkable recovery of nearly half of all the jobs lost to the China virus hitting our shores. That’s "building back better." Oh, and the Trump tax cuts benefitted the middle class. The liberal media may deny it all they want, but even progressive tax analysts couldn’t deny it.

In the realm of international affairs and trade deals, Trump renegotiated NAFTA, got the USMCA passed, a massive trade deal between the US, Canada, and Mexico, with added protections for American workers. We turned top Iranian terrorist Qasam Soleimani into an ashtray. We’re looking to leave the quagmire in Afghanistan. We got NATO nations to contribute more dues. Most importantly, Trump has brought peace to the Middle East with the Abraham Accords, where the United Arab Emirates recognized the state of Israel and the process for the normalization of relations has begun. Another deal between the Balkan States and Israel was also hashed out. This led to President Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but he’s not serious, right?

He’s a reality TV guy. That’s been to our benefit, especially when he captures his uppercuts to the liberal media, who have been a clown show for the past three years. These quasi-Democratic operatives have manufactured some of the biggest fake news stories. Each of these reports is more "woke" and more mentally challenged than the next. They are enemies of the people and deserve the scorn and derision they get at Trump rallies. Screw them. The fact that Trump fights back against the Democrats and the liberal media, keeps his promises, and is authentic as ever is why we love him. You get what you see. Period. And what about the border wall, a key 2016 campaign promise? Well, it’s getting built, albeit in sections. House Speaker Paul Ryan promised funding, but he decided to lie to Trump on that one, retire, and waste the entire 2018 election cycle being worthless and wasting all of our precious time. If you want to blame someone for not getting full wall funding, point the finger at weak Paul Ryan, who decided to cut and run.

So, here we are, folks. We’re less than 30 days from Election Day, and we have so-called Republicans pulling this "country first" crap again. Like her late husband, Cindy McCain decided to stab us in the back, endorsing Biden and even appearing in ads for him. I want to say go to hell to all these people, but I’ll reach out one last time. I’ve been there in the Trump skeptic camp, but are you seriously going to bolt from a man who backs what you want 85 percent of the time because of his personality, or because you find his tweeting is…not nice? Are you kidding me? This is politics. It’s war by other means. It’s not nice. It’s never been nice. It’s nasty, and most of it is hashed out in the mucky, filthy depths of the gutter. Deal with it.

If you’re a real Republican, you vote for Trump. Biden will pack the Supreme Court, enact a policy of gun confiscation, or lay the groundwork for it, kill job growth, raise taxes on everyone, and enact the Green New Deal. His own campaign website says he backs it. That’s economic death for the country. The legislative filibuster will be gone should Democrats retake the Senate and keep the House. And the parade of horribles the likes of which we’ve never seen will come down upon us with ruthless efficiency. This isn’t policy disagreement. This is anti-American drivel that will be codified in law. Baby-killing will become a taxpayer-funded venture as well. But Trump tweets mean stuff, so I have to back Biden.

For all your annoying antics, Never Trump, there is plenty of room still on the Trump train. You have until Election Day to make up your minds. Right-leaning populism isn’t scary. There is nothing scary about being a right-wing populist party, though I’m using the liberal media’s framework. Remember, right-wing activity to them is merely waving an American flag proudly. Maybe, just maybe, you can be on the path to redemption. Mitt Romney looked irredeemable. Even he’s onboard* with confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. That’s a lot of goodwill and faith right there for a dude who has zero grasp of how to win a fight. Trump’s record is deserving of accommodation. It’s pretty damn conservative, despite him not being a traditional member. And frankly, given what we’ve seen all summer from the Left, the violence, the rioting, and the attacks on police and law and order—do you really think Democrats will do better? They’ve shown they can’t govern and what they’ll do if they don’t get their way. This isn’t a hard choice. And if you think it is, or are veering toward voting for Biden, you were never one of us, to begin with.

If so, I wish you well, comrade. But don’t look for mercy when the Left starts to devour you. Again, plenty of room on the Trump train. C’mon, y’all know Joe can’t stand against the radical Left. He can’t. As for the Green New Deal skepticism you may have, Never Trumper, should Biden win, he has to enact it. It’s a debt too big for him to ignore.

Socialism versus freedom. Law and order versus anarchy. It’s really not that hard.

Get with the program. All aboard!

*I do fear that a few phone calls from out-of-state libs can sway him though. He’s still weak.


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