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Well, the tax bill has been signed. It's middle class relief. That's a fact. Around 91 percent of middle class income Americans will be seeing savings in their next bill to the government, something that CNN’s Jake Tapper brought up with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) this morning.


“Yeah, it is a very good thing,” Sanders said of the tax cut. “And that’s why we should’ve made the tax cuts for the middle class permanent.” Sanders went onto to say that after ten years, the middle class tax cuts would expire and the vast majority of the benefits will go to the wealthy and corporate interests. Some on social media, like AG Conservative and Stephen Miller, have noted the moving of the goal posts here. Sen. Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, now thinks that the bill wasn't good enough. Didn't he and the rest of the left preach the apocalypse about this tax reform package? That’s rich.


CBS News found three families from different background and economic status who would benefit from President Trump’s tax plan. In North Carolina, the news network found a single working mom making less than $40,000 a year would save $1,300 in taxes.  Even in a high tax state like California, a family making $300,000 a year that has just started a cycling business would save $13,000 a year thanks to the new rates and child tax credits; they have three kids.

Democrats aren’t going to life a finger to help Republicans on much of anything since that means helping Trump, which is anathema to their base. They want to win the 2018 elections, so they sat this one out. And now they’re going to have to explain why they decided to screw over the middle class. 



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