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AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell documents were unsealed last Thursday night. The allegations of creepiness by the late hedge fund manager who was indicted on sex trafficking charges last year were only further confirmed. Oh, there were others as well. Alan Dershowitz, some former MIT professor, and former President Bill Clinton were all mentioned. Allegations were lobbed against some of them. Bill was on Epstein’s infamous “pedophile island” with two young girls. Epstein was close with the Clintons, as he was with most of the world’s wealthy and powerful families, including the British Royal Family. 

Oh, yes, Prince Andrew is also included in the documents. Yet, another institution, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, appears to have known about the allegations against Epstein and did nothing. They even were in contact with one of his accusers. The FBI has had a solid two years of bad press. This development didn’t help. Yet, even after this document dump, how could Bill Clinton not be asked about any of this? It’s a simple question, right? 

As some pointed out, you’d think that Clinton being identified allegedly on this island of debauchery would cause a flurry of press inquiry, right? So far, it hasn’t. Clinton is sure earning his “slick willy” moniker in the wake of these Epstein documents. It harkens back to that leaked video clip of ABC News anchor Amy Robach complaining how network heads “quashed” her interview with Epstein. Is the liberal media once again burying this story, or at least trying to suffocate it, because some very high-profile people are ensnared in it? Probably. That’s almost assured. And if Bill were a Republican, you bet this would have dominated headlines this weekend. It’s the same old game, folks. It never gets old. 

As for Epstein, well, he killed himself last summer if you remember under very, very, very suspicious circumstances. His partner in crime, Maxwell, was also arrested recently, denied bail, and in the same federal facility where Epstein was being held. Maxwell is a legitimate flight risk, with three passports and multiple accounts containing millions of dollars. She’s been given paper clothes in an effort to prevent physical harm to herself. 

I guess a part of me shouldn’t be shocked about this. This is the liberal media. This is the Clintons. And it’s Bill, not Hillary. Of course, the mainstream media is going to either ignore or drag their feet on this story. At the same time, again, you’d think that a former president being spotted on an alleged sexual deviant’s island of depravity would be national news, at least for a few days. Maxwell said there are tapes of two prominent politicians having sex with minors. Was Bill one of them? We don’t know because our heavy-hitters in the media don’t seem interested. 


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