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I have consistently in my writings strongly affirmed my approbation and appreciation of Donald Trump and his accomplishments as President.  I’m not an “Only Trumper,” but if he wins the nomination in 2024, I will certainly support him.  My concern is not with (most of) Trump’s policies or what he will do if re-elected President, but is wholly centered on “can he win next year?”  


Our country may never recover from four more years of Joe Biden.  So, 2024 is a critical election.  Almost ANY Republican would be better than Biden, and Trump would certainly be superior.  But, again, can he win?  If Trump can’t win, I want DeSantis or Larry Elder, or a like-minded candidate (Vivek? Tucker?).  I may have to hold my nose to vote, but almost any Republican would exceed any Democrat.  Thus, I will vote Republican, unless the choice is Liz Cheney (or someone equally repulsive).  A Republican needs to be on Pennsylvania Avenue.

I like Donald Trump, but I like America better, so if it becomes apparent that he can’t win next year, somebody else must be at the top of the ticket.   

After a recent column, I received some feedback from a good reader, a TOV (Trump Only Voter) he called himself.  I don’t read every comment on Townhall, of course, but in those I have read, I haven’t yet discerned what the TOVs will do if Trump isn’t the nominee.  Will they support the chosen Republican candidate?  Will they vote Democrat?  Or will they just sit out the election (ensuring Democratic victory)?  If you are a TOV, please enlighten me on this.  I’d really like to know.

If your man is not nominated, will you support a reasonably good, but less-than-Trump Republican candidate?


The TOV commenter made some points I wish to examine.  Trump is “the only candidate who has vowed to Drain the Swamp.” Swamp-draining sounds great, for sure, but it’s time for some definitions and specifics.  What, exactly, does Trump mean by “draining the swamp,” and more particularly, how does he intend to do it?  What, exactly, will he do?  End every Cabinet office?  Fire every bureaucrat in the city?  I like the idea of “draining the swamp” if only I knew exactly what it entailed.  Mr. Trump had four years to do it his first term and didn’t make a dent.  How does he propose to be successful this time?

“NOBODY OWNS TRUMP,” the commenter wrote, meaning “all other candidates have to make a deal with the Establishment Republicans, and nothing in DC will change.”  “Nobody owns Trump” also sounds good (if true), but he can’t be a dictator, and, unfortunately, to get anything done (including “swamp draining”), “deals” must be “made.”  That’s the nature of a democratic republic.  Now, Trump may not be as beholden to Washington prigs as others are, and if not, that is certainly a strong point in his favor.  But what difference will it make if he can’t get elected?

One last point our good commenter made: “Our jobs as TOVs is to celebrate loud and clear the accomplishments of his four-year presidency and why he needs four more years.”  No, I’m sorry, but that is not the TOVs job.  Their job is to make sure Trump gets elected President, and I’ve never seen any of them with a plan on how to achieve that.  Earlier this year, I wrote three columns enunciating “loud and clear” Trump’s presidential successes (here, here and here).  But, again, simply broadcasting his accomplishments won’t matter a hill of beans if it won’t get him another four-year term.  And actually, his achievements from 2017-21 are now ancient history.  How can he win next year?  That is the sole question TOVs need to concentrate on.


And if he can’t win, which Republican can?  

And, again, will you TOVs vote for a non-Trump candidate?

RINOs are disgusting to all of us.  I feel the same way towards them as Democrats do about blacks.  Democrats care nothing about blacks except how they vote—nothing else matters.  And the only thing I care about RINOs is how THEY vote.  They are useless otherwise.  And, unfortunately, for any Republican to get elected President, RINOs will have to be onboard.  We conservatives aren’t numerous enough to put a person in the White House.  Sad, but true.

So, a crucial question is, will RINOs support Trump?  Some will, but...  Would Mitch McConnell vote for Trump or Biden?  I honestly don’t know.  As repulsive as they are to us, RINOs are needed or there will be four more years of Biden. That’s just the way things stack up in America, and we need to face that fact.

I have no problem with TOVs, if they pledge to support the eventual Republican candidate, whoever it might be.  I’ll support Trump if he is the Republican nominee.  But I’ll go on record right now as saying I will back (almost) any candidate the Republican faithful select.  Because any of them would be better than any Democrat.

But a few more words about Donald Trump.  All my readers know I’ve bent over backwards on Townhall defending him, giving him every chance, but, frankly, my patience is wearing thin.  Trump’s brutal, utterly reprehensible attacks on Ron DeSantis (which one, really, is “sanctimonious”?) are nauseating, offensive, and rapidly depleting my reserves.  The dog named “Insult” is getting old and won’t hunt any more, Mr. Trump.  Thus far, DeSantis has demonstrated a far superior character than the abrasive, abusive Trump.  And America needs solid character in the White House.  I’ve tried to be patient with Trump, but if he continues to be a horse’s backside, he will continue to lose support among Republicans.  He seems incapable of realizing that.


I know Trump is not going to change.  But I can hope.  He was a great President.  But he isn’t the only good possibility.  And if he affronts too many people, he won’t win, and I intend to support someone who can.     

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