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The January 6 Tapes: What They Really Tell Us

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Tucker Carlson, on his show this week, has shown some footage from the 41,000 hours of security tapes recorded at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  The American people should be able to see as much of this footage as they wish to see.   It’s our country, it’s our Capitol, it happened in our land, and we have a right to really know what happened that day.


The tapes Carlson showed told us nothing surprising, however.  The Democrats (and RINOs) have been lying about the full issue all along, preaching only one narrative, that Donald Trump was totally at fault.  Well, that’s a lie and we all knew that was a lie and have known it all along.  There’s really nothing new there.

But the Democrats (and RINOs) went ballistic and, frankly, they have handled the thing very poorly.  A case in point—and, ultimately, what the tapes really tell us.   

1.  Chuck Schumer.  The Majority Leader of the Senate opined on March 7, the night after the first Carlson show, that Fox News should shut Tucker down and not let his show air the second night.  But why, Mr. Schumer?  Just because you think Carlson is lying doesn’t mean everybody else does.  And we have a right to decide that for ourselves.   What are you afraid of on those videos?   What are you trying to hide?  If your narrative about January 6 is correct, the videos will show that, and you should want them aired all across the country by every network.  If Schumer had had any sense, he would have said, “We appreciate very much Tucker Carlson airing these videos.  In fact, we are going to make sure that every American who wants them can see every minute of footage.  That way, Americans will know that Donald Trump WAS actually to blame for the worst insurrection in American history since the Civil War.”  By condemning the release of the videos, all Schumer, et al, are doing is causing people of intelligence to wonder, “What are they hiding?   If they are right, why are they afraid of the tapes?”  It is suspicious, to say the least.  If you shine a light on a cockroach, it is going to scamper for darkness.  Light is the last thing it wants.  Truth has no fear from exposure, and the Democrats are in full-blown panic mode.  Why?  


2.  Mitch McConnell.  *Sigh* Mitch shows his colors again.  The division in America is not between Republican and Democrat, but conservative and liberal, traditional America and “progressive” hedonism, Washington, D.C. and you.  But Mitch’s issue is a little more complex.

Mitch supports the Democrats any time a matter involving Donald Trump is involved.  McConnell hates Trump, and, given some of the things Trump has said about him and his wife, it’s not hard to understand why.  Some cockroaches are crawling out of Mitch’s cabinet, too, and he doesn’t want those revealed.  But it’s mainly just his abhorrence of Donald Trump.

And I’m sorry, folks, but Mr. Trump is just not the man we need at the top of the Republican Party ticket next year.  Most of the things he says he will do need to be done.   But there’s the rub.  They NEED to be done, but they can’t be done unless an American-loving patriot is elected to the Presidency.  And Donald Trump is just not electable, not to the highest office in the land.  Not any more.

Mr. Trump simply cannot control his mouth.   He has alienated, not only all Democrats and probably most Independents, but too many Republicans as well.  Trump, in 2016, was a fresh face on the scene, largely a political unknown, with a pro-American populist message that resonated with millions of people, and (with the help of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) won the presidency—even though he lost the popular vote.  He wasn’t overwhelmingly popular, even then.  But in the last seven years, Mr. Trump’s political instincts (if he ever really had any) have completely deserted him.  He shows absolutely no ability to build the coalition necessary to win another national election.  Rather, he is splintering his own party.  Any possible opponent—especially a Republican—is often subject to crude, unnecessary abuse.  Most people can disagree without being disagreeable.  Mr. Trump can’t do that, and fracturing the minority party would be disastrous next year.


Mitch McConnell irritates you and me to no end.   But, the bottom line is, he IS Minority Leader in the Senate, and he carries great weight.  As we saw last November, Republican candidates in state races can win or lose based on how enthusiastic (or otherwise) McConnell is towards their election.  Yes, he is treacherously Washington Establishment.  Yes, he needs to go the way of the dodo bird.  But he’s there.  He has tremendous influence.  And he hates Donald Trump.  And, barring a virtual miracle, it will be almost impossible for Trump to overcome the odds, especially given the people, in his own party, he is infuriating and repelling.  Mitch McConnell is just the most notable example of that.

Back to my main thesis in this article.  Yes, the Democrats are obviously hiding something in the January 6 tapes.  But we’ve always known that.  January 6 will pass; indeed, it almost already had until McCarthy gave Carlson those tapes and brought it to the fore again.  But it will pass.  2024 is on its way.  And we need to win.  And one thing this tape-release certainly demonstrated to us is that, among many, many powerful Washington Republicans (not just Mitch McConnell), they do not support Donald Trump.


Again I say, America NEEDS what Donald Trump is talking about.  But we won’t get that if our candidate isn’t elected.  And Trump won’t win.  Curse me till you die if you want to.  But he won’t win.  Not even against Biden.

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