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I recently wrote an article affirming my unwavering conviction that Joe Biden will be the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee next year.  I won’t reiterate in this essay why I believe such, but I have no doubts.  What I want to do here is explain why the Democrats have no intention of dropping Kamala Harris from the ticket, either.


Conservatives are constantly harping on how utterly incompetent Biden and Harris are, that everything they do is a disaster, and that the country is going into the toilet because of their stupid bungling.  And, while Biden obviously has some mental incognizance, I disagree totally that the man is incompetent—at least from the Democratic Party’s perspective.  He has been very successful in doing what the Democrats are dead-set on doing—destroying America and the values that the country was built upon, and replacing them with a socialist society prioritizing gender, race, and sexual orientation.   Given that Kamala Harris punches two of those three buttons, the Democrats will not remove her from the ticket, regardless of how incompetent she appears to you and me.  Competence isn’t the priority.

There is a great divide in America today, as we all know, and I briefly introduced it in the paragraph above.  It needs further elucidation and will help explain why the Democrats do much of what they do.  

You and I believe that America was founded upon, and became a great nation because of, values like faith, family, hard work, morality, honesty, self-sacrifice, love of country, that is, merit and character.   However imperfectly they were applied in our history (and no people are perfect), these are the virtues you and I believe in and credit with producing a superior country.  And—crucially—we also believe that these qualities are universal, apply to all peoples, everywhere, through all of time.  If any nation pursues these virtues, it will succeed and grow prosperity for most of its citizens.


But the Democrats are now arguing that these qualities are not universal, that they are only “white” values, and, in American history, have been only for white, straight, male Christians.  The Democratic Party thus sees a whole constituency in gender, race, and sexual orientation.  They do not believe in meritocracy, that people can get ahead because of their effort, ability, and character.  That may work in sports (it has to), but in government and many other fields (such as academia), women, minorities, and sexually diverse individuals have been excluded from the American dream by the “white, middle class, male” principles of hard work, patriotism, Christianity, etc.  Those are “white middle-class” values, and omit women, blacks, and non-straight persons.  Hence, government-mandated “diversity, equity, and inclusion” are necessary, and anyone who talks about hard work, patriotism, morality, etc. is immediately labeled “racist” and “white supremacist" because the Democratic Party has defined hard work, patriotism, etc. as only straight, white male ideals.  Now whether this is cynical or not, or whether they really believe it, is moot.   It’s about political power, and the Democratic Party has thus found a way to build a coalition of women, minorities, and sexually different people to give them the power they crave.


So, again, crucially, to the Democrats, hard work, family, merit, patriotism, character, Christianity, etc., are the code words of a racist, sexist, straight, testosterone-ladened, white male hierarchy; they have not been available to blacks, women, and those of a different sexual orientation.  By definition, they exclude these latter groups.   To you and I, however, these values are universal and individual.  They are color- and gender-blind (though not morally blind).  These virtues built America and are the only principles that will continue to keep her strong.  Not so, say the Democrats.  They are “racist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic,” and anyone (conservatives) who argues for them is thus a racist, sexist, white supremacist homophobe.  Therefore, it behooves the Democratic Party to completely turn America upside down from what it has always been.  Whether Biden believes this Democratic Party propaganda is, again, a moot question.  It gives him power and that’s all he cares about.

The division is thus clear.  Joe Biden has been very competent in doing EXACTLY what the Democratic Party wants done—destroy “white, middle-class,” traditional American values.  Biden is a white male, of course, but that is acceptable as long as you do penance by effeminizing yourself and giving race, gender, and sexual orientation—the Left’s radical agenda—priority over hard work, merit, and character.  


The Democrats’ plan is simple.  Try to appease as many women as possible with an increasingly radical pro-abortion policy.  Expand the number of “non-straight” Americans by total support of transgenderism, sexual mutilation of children, and homosexual marriage.  Open the southern border to every race and tribe on earth because they are not white, middle class, straight, male Americans.   And the more of the world the Democrats can coax into the United States, the more they can dilute the values they hate, or more accurately, the values that might keep them out of power.  The plan has nothing to do with merit or character, and everything to do with building a Democratic coalition.

What is good for America is thus no longer relevant to the Democratic Party for two reasons:  one, the values that would strengthen America would probably elect Republicans, and two, and more importantly, to Democrats, those values can be propagandized as unfair and unjust, only for straight, white, middle-class males, non-diverse, unequal, non-inclusive.  And they have obviously convinced millions of Americans that they are on to something.

Kamala Harris’s competence or incompetence, merit and character, are thus utterly irrelevant.  She is a black woman and fulfills two of the three major Democratic criteria.  Hence, there is no way they will drop her from the ticket next year.


Biden-Harris ’24.  Barring a major catastrophe, this ticket is a given.

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