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China’s New Covid Problem—How Will It Affect America?

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China has loosened it zero-Covid policy and now the country is having an explosion of Wuhan virus cases.  Since the relaxation of the policy, I’ve had eight of my nine online Chinese students either quarantined for fear of the virus, or come down with it themselves, thus necessitating a cancellation of class.   The government’s zero-Covid policy prevented the virus from spreading, which sounds good, except people were not able to build up natural immunity to it, as in most other countries.  So now, China is having to deal with what every other country dealt with.


Back at the end of October, right after Xi Jinping was elected dictator for life, but before he rescinded the zero-Covid policy, I wrote the following in an article posted on Townhall:  “It is important to realize that much of the lockdown tyranny in China this year was designed to intimidate Xi’s political enemies in advance of the 20th Chinese Communist Party meeting held this month [October].  Now that Xi has obtained the power he’s craved, how long he will continue this lockdown policy depends totally on how secure he feels.  Frankly, it probably won’t last much longer…”

And it didn’t.  I am more convinced than ever now that the lockdown policy across China was never intended for the health of the Chinese people, but was only to cower and intimidate Xi’s political opposition. “Here’s what happens when you mess with me.”  Xi got what he wanted, and now the purpose of the lockdowns has ceased.  He couldn’t care less how many Chinese people die from Covid.  He does have to worry somewhat about his economy; a severe slowdown of China’s economic growth could limit his military buildup.  But, as far as the hoi polloi are concerned, he could lose a billion and still have a larger population than any country in the world save India.  Xi will do what is best for himself and the CCP, with absolutely no concern for the welfare of the Chinese people.  That is Communism 101, and has been the history of that system for over 100 years now.  That Western leaders refuse to see it, and have coddled these monsters around the world is horrifyingly shameful.


As an historian, I have a zero-tolerance policy towards communism or anybody who says one good word about that godless, murdering plague upon humanity.  Or any Western leader who schmoozes them.  Realpolitik does exist, but so do freedom, justice, human rights, and every other virtue the West is supposed to be built upon that communists utterly disallow for their people.  The only “realpolitik” for some in the West is money.  Don’t ever ask me to say something nice about atheistic communism.  You will be wasting your breath.  I’ve studied it for over 50 years, and I lived in the system for over 10.  If you believe in human decency, you should abhor communism.  Which should tell you everything you need to know about the Democratic Party in America.

How is this new outbreak of Covid in China going to affect America?  Given the utter, complete, stupid, imbecility of the U.S. President, it can’t be good.  Number one, who knows what diseases the millions of illegals are bringing to America with them?  We may find out soon.  Two, how many of them, with no natural immunity, will be infected in this latest outbreak of Covid and spread it to others?  The Chinese New Year, their biggest holiday of the year, is about three weeks away.  The Chinese people will travel to hell and gone, as they did in 2020, and take the virus with them.  Xi Jinping doesn’t care about that, of course, let other countries deal with it.  Hopefully, Omicron will not mutate into something worse, and that most people’s natural immunity will protect them.  Only time will tell.


Will Xi lockdown China again?  My guess is he won’t; he will let the virus run its course this time as he is now protected politically.  Given the mildness of Omicron, especially to younger people, it shouldn’t take long to decrease.  My contacts who caught it all got better within a couple of days or so.  That is anecdotal evidence, of course, but I suspect it’s pretty accurate.  As always, only older people and those with certain pre-existing conditions are at risk.  And if Xi loses a few million of those…meh.

So, China is now dealing with the results of their policy.  Of course, it is their own fault because they created the virus (apparently with Anthony Fauci’s help) and then turned it loose on the world.  But the plan served Xi Jinping’s purposes.  The number of cases reported in China now is staggering, but it’s impossible to get accurate information from that country.  But probably, soon, Covid will be no more of a problem for China than it is for any other country in the world.  They are just behind everybody else so that Xi Jinping could be dictator for life.  

The sooner China joins the civilized world and gets rid of its Marxist government, the better off the whole earth will be.  That doesn’t appear to be imminent or Xi would probably be reacting strongly to any perceived threat.  Watch him, his actions will tell us.  The protests that spawned the “repeal” of the zero-Covid policy were never a hazard to Xi; he just did away with his policy, so now let the Chinese people suffer in another way.  What does he care as long as he is in control?


But then, nobody knows, for sure, what is going on in the Chinese government or what the Chinese people are liable to do.  There are some good folks in China, and I still have a lot of friends there.  I hope, for their sakes, they get to know Christianity and freedom before they die.  But I’m not holding my breath.

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