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I Am Thankful Every Day

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I deliberately chose to wait until after Thanksgiving Day to write this article. I do think Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday; we, as a country, should focus on the blessings we have and remind ourselves to be grateful for them. The Left is trying to destroy this day of commemoration and joy, but then, even a casual glance shows us that the Left destroys, or tries to, every good and decent thing. They do know not how to build, they only know how to tear down the good.


But let’s leave Leftist scum aside for a few moments. I think Thanksgiving Day is a needed holiday, but I want to remind us that we should be thankful EVERY day. We know that. Let’s not forget it.

Here are a few simple things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful for a God in heaven Who showers us with blessings. I don’t understand why God does everything He does, or doesn’t do some things He doesn’t do. He is infinite and eternal, I am finite and mortal. My knowledge compared to His is as a grain of sand in the entire universe, so, no, I don’t comprehend all His works. He doesn’t always do what I want Him to do, but then, I don’t always do what He wants me to do, either, and He does a whole lot more for me than I do for Him. He has His ways, His purposes, and His will. Most of my life is pretty good; there are a few bumps along the way, but generally, those help me build character and strength, which are things I require, too. He knows what He is doing even if I don’t.

I guess—frankly, I don’t know because I have been living overseas—that “God Bless America” is still sung at some sporting events in America. That’s nice. But we need a new theme—“America, Bless God.” He certainly has blessed us, every day. What are we doing for Him? Thank you, God. You are a whole lot better to me than I am to You and than what I deserve. Forgive me when I spit in Your face.


2. I am thankful for my parents who didn’t abort me or mutilate me when I was a child. I had a good father and a good mother; they are, sadly, both gone now, but I have fond memories of them. No, they weren’t perfect, but they were wonderful. Especially as a child, I trusted them, and they always provided for me. Even after I grew up and left home, they helped me often. They were ALWAYS there for me, and I weep for children today who don’t have such a home. My parents gave me life. They taught me I was a boy (male), and I never even dreamed that I might be female. I played with girls when I was growing up, but my parents didn’t interpret that as, “oh, Mark must be a girl. Let’s put a dress on him.” My parents were decent, God-fearing, hard-working, common-sense people, and I thank God above every day that I had parents like that. As I recently penned, the greatest crime in American history is the Left’s current attempted destruction of the nuclear family. That is heinous to unfathomable degrees. Thanks, dad and mom. I still love you and I certainly miss you.

3. I’m thankful for America. Just like my parents weren’t perfect, neither is my country. But that imperfect America still provided me the freedom to be what I wanted to be when I was responsible enough to work hard for it and didn’t make excuses or blame somebody else for my failures. America educated me, gave me several jobs, and provided me with the opportunity to get necessary food, clothing, and shelter, along with delivering many luxuries that most people in human history could never have dreamed about. America entertained me with baseball, football, basketball, good television shows, and movies to watch—a host of things that, again, most humans never enjoyed or could have imagined. America is a capitalist country that allowed all of the above, and more, things that even her poorest citizens have been able to delight in. There is a caveat to that point, however. The materialism produced by capitalism has led Americans to a pleasure-oriented life that has destroyed spirituality and caused them to cease being…thankful…to God and our forefathers who made it all possible. Too many of us have grown fat, lazy, selfish, and hedonistic. That’s not good, and unscrupulous leaders are taking advantage of it. But overall, America I lived in still exists in many areas of the country and is something I am thankful for. Thank you, America. You are still the best. We will try to save you so that future generations can enjoy the above things as well.


There are just three things for which I am thankful. If I listed everything I am thankful for, it would be a book never-ending. I try to be thankful for these things every day, not just once a year. A little more thanksgiving, and a little less selfishness, among our people, might help America overcome some of her problems.  

God Bless America! America, Bless God!

Christmas is coming! Cold weather, too. Get some good reading material to tide you over. My western novels, Whitewater and River Bend are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Eliva.com. A third western, Allie’s Dilemma, is available for Kindle only. And read some different posts on my blog at thailandlewis.blogspot.com.

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