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The Left is the Left is the Left, worldwide. It is a philosophy, rooted in Jacobinism, Marxism, and Darwinism, and the basic tenets of Leftism are the same, regardless of location. Socialism, limitations on individual political autonomy, increased government control of society, denial of religious freedom, oppression of opposition, and other such liberty-limiting precepts have been fundamental since the rise of the modern Left in the French Revolution of the 1790s. The Democratic Party is in full agreement with all these goals, though, of course, having to deceive, lie, and cover up their concurrence because such ideas are still unpopular in America, though they do have a growing number of adherents.


The People’s Republic of China is the leading Leftist, totalitarian power in the world today. Denial of religious freedom is a key concept of the Communist Party’s ideology. While the Chinese constitution supposedly respects and protects freedom of religion, the actuality has been the opposite: churches closed or destroyed, crosses torn down from bell towers or ripped from the walls of the churches, domes razed to the ground, ancient statues of shrines seized, religious signs removed from inside and outside homes, priests driven out of their ministry, and other such activities. And, of course, the Muslim Uyghurs are an example as well. The state controls all religions. As long as religion submits to the higher authority of the Chinese Communist Party, the Party tolerates and allows people to practice a watered-down, government-controlled version of their religious beliefs, though often with penalties, as I shall subsequently illustrate. In America, the opposition of the Democratic Party to the “religious right” is well-known and won’t be discussed in this article due to space limitations.

I worked in China for approximately ten years (from 2011-2022). I still have a lot of “slave” friends in China. This week, a good friend of mine, a former student, contacted me via social media that “something bad happened.” This young lady is currently completing her Master’s degree and is beginning to search for a job. Good ones aren’t easy to find in the current lockdown-prone Chinese economy, so she decided she wanted to take the civil service exam, and even quit an internship she had to prepare for the test in December. Bureaucratic employment in China, as in America, is usually boring, but generally stable.


The "bad” thing that happened to her was that she will not be allowed to take the exam. Her father, she told me, “was labeled a cult[ist],” and has a “record” with the Chinese government. “He believes in Christianity and is considered to be against the Communist Party. He and several people meet and pray every day. They didn’t say anything about politics, but they were considered to be against the Communist Party.”

Religious freedom, indeed.

So, even though this man poses no threat to the CCP, because he believes in Christianity and prays with other believers, HIS DAUGHTER is not allowed to take the civil service exam and work for the Chinese government. Such a policy, of course, is designed to discourage people from religious practice—or any practice—frowned on by the CCP. “If you don’t toe the line, YOUR FAMILY will suffer.” Blackmail and terror often work.

The Democratic Party in America cannot announce its support of such practices, of course. Even many of its members (especially blacks and Hispanics) are adherents to some form of Christianity. To start tearing down churches and burning crosses would be suicidal. They can often get away with persecuting religious, pro-life people; that’s considered “political”. Nancy Pelosi, Raphael Warnock, and Joe Biden are as hypocritical as any Pharisee who ever lived; that’s largely acceptable, too, if not exposed too thoroughly. But there are limitations to their anti-religion practices, and the Democrats know it.


But China’s policy, which the government CAN enforce, is true Leftism. And it is exactly where the Democratic Party will take America if given power and opportunity. To a Leftist, a person can have no higher allegiance than to the government. God (and family) must be, at best, in second place (better to discard both totally). Family is still strong in China, but during the “one-child policy” earlier this millennium, countless families were forced to abort babies in compliance with government diktat. In China, family, like religion, is always subservient to government control. And the punishment for “cultists”, or their offspring, is the result of any perceived grievance against the Leftist ideology.  

Folks, if we want to know what the Democratic Party has in store for America if ever given totalitarian power, just look at China. Democrats can’t do it yet. But they can certainly salivate.

Leftism is absolute tyranny. Wherever it arises.

How long before America truly wakes up and destroys the evil Democratic Party?

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