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AP Photo/Noah Berger

According to attorney Jesse Binnall, who also represents Michael Flynn with Sidney Powell, his new client, a 17-year-old conservative student, is being investigated by her school for a disciplinary violation for…wait for it …being conservative on Instagram! Yes, you read that right. It’s 2020, after all.


Episcopal High School in Northern Virginia is a private boarding school that charges $63,200 per year for tuition. But academics are not featured on their website. Instead, there is a huge tab for “Racism, Understanding, and Belonging” — which appears to be reactionary to the 2020 BLM movement. Indeed, they invited the race-baiting socialist Ibram X. Kendi to give a speech on campus.

As you can imagine, a conservative would be up-in-arms over a socialist racist being elevated and paid thousands by her school for lies and indoctrination. True to form for an American girl born free and accustomed to the 1st Amendment, Ms. Mackenzie Andrysiak expressed her disagreement with the school by writing on Instagram, in a private story, “Absolutely DISGUSTING that @episcopalhs let this man speak at our school. Unbelievable.” Along with the words, Mackenzie shared a screenshot from Fox News of a Kendi tweet in which he accuses federal Judge Amy Coney Barrett of being a racist for adopting two black children from Haiti. “Some White colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children. They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in the ‘superior’ ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity,” were Kendi’s words.


And, my hero Mackenzie also used her private Instagram account to repost content through stories from mainstream conservative groups like PragerU and Turning Point USA. 

There is nothing inaccurate or outrageous about Mackenzie’s words or posts. The same surely cannot be said of Kendi. But in Woke 2020, reality is of no consequence. The high school, without identifying any particular violative social media posts (all of which her lawyer has reviewed in entirety and advises are squeaky clean and made up of mainstream conservative content re-shares) is moving to dismiss her from the institution right before the PSAT exam for her Instagram posts. 

The undoubtedly leftist private “educational” institution will begin proceedings this week to dismiss the conservative student for holding a politically contrary opinion to their own. “The disciplinary committee process, of course, will be a politically motivated attack against a conservative student—one whose simple act of expression has alarmed the school in a way that illuminates its egregious bias against conservative thought—and in turn—a conservative student,” wrote Jesse Binnall in a letter to the school about the absurdity of kicking out a child for disagreeing with the school’s choice in hiring a racist socialist as an ethics speaker. “Of course, none of Mackenzie’s posts come close to violating school rules as outlined in the EHS Student Handbook. While it might wish to push its political narrative on students, conservative ideology and freedom of thought has not (yet) been explicitly forbidden by the school. …[I]n a series of actions that would make Orwell blush, EHS has tried to force Mackenzie out because she refuses to surrender to the school’s Newspeak type-agenda surrounding rhetoric supported by the Black Lives Matters organization—an admittedly Marxist group.” 


 Moreover, Binnall accused Episcopal High School of entirely ignoring the bullying and harassment that was directed at Mackenzie by other students. Guess why. Any guesses? Alright, I’ll tell you: for being in an interracial relationship. You can’t even make this stuff up! 2020 Woke stories are The Babylon Bee on steroids.

According to Binnall, Episcopal High School “has been aware of the harassment and bullying of Mackenzie by students, an alumna, and even a teacher; harassment and bullying based upon her mainstream political beliefs, her physical appearance, and even based upon her previous interracial relationship.” But the school turned a blind eye to the conservative victim. Maybe they determined that she deserved the abuse, which would be in line with the BLM ideology that deems private businesses owned by white people as deserving of annihilation. 

Certainly, this school isn’t the right place for Mackenzie, nor for any self-respecting family for that matter. But this is mid-school-year and right before the PSAT. The idea of being dismissed in such a prejudiced manner is wrong and unethical and unfair. I can only hope that the school comes to its senses and that Mackenzie is given the opportunity to part on her own volition once she is ready. 


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