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Parent Guide: How To Undo Liberal Revisionist History Lessons At Home

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With the exponential growth of leftist revisionist history curriculums now taught in both public and private elementary schools throughout the country, a growing number of parents are in a state of panic over how to correct their children's misconceptions about American history and culture. While complete re-education is not feasible for all children, most will benefit from home learning if you budget just 30 minutes a day, four days a week, as "Family Learning Time."  


We are not with our children all day, and we will not know what exactly is being taught to them unless they bring home a story. What we do know is that various Pulitzer Center lessons and the 1619 Project are now being taught in more than 3,500 public school classrooms in all 50 states. We know that expensive NAIS-accredited private schools are falling victim to both Pollyanna and 1619 Project educational reconditioning. We also know that this type of social justice curriculum redesign was introduced about a decade ago and had been spreading uncontrollably ever since. 

Increasingly, parents are left without options for traditional education in a group environment. For families residing in urban areas, the only two options for correcting the misinformation are homeschooling or supplemental home learning. For those who don't have the ability or desire to homeschool, home learning is the only option. 

Set aside 30 minutes a day, four days a week, for Family Learning Time. Before you begin lessons with your child, you will need to prepare fun stories and videos. There are some free, trustworthy resources online. Khan Academy offers a phenomenal self-study outline on U.S. history, complete with videos that are fun for kids to watch. Hillsdale College offers full video lectures on American history, though some of the lectures are a bit too dry to keep an elementary school child's attention. You will need to review Hillsdale lessons on your own and craft more exciting ways to introduce the information to your child. Pre-screened YouTube videos can supplement concepts like the Declaration of Independence, and museum websites can supplement discussions of the Civil War. It would help to plan some family trips around educational American history sites and museums. 


Every fourth Family Learning Time day should be a summary discussion of what your family learned at home. Ask your child if anything you learned together contradicts what was taught at school. This discussion will yield fascinating dichotomies for you to discuss with your child. You will need to decide when it is appropriate to teach your child that not everything taught as school is true. When you deem appropriate, you can begin discussing political motivations and movements with your child. 

Once a few significant inconsistencies between home and school learning emerge, you can begin teaching your child the concept of propaganda at school. You can discuss Soviet school propaganda. Plenty of fascinating images from Soviet textbooks can be found online. Follow up with discussions of East German propaganda. Lead into the more modern Chinese Communist propaganda. After a few weeks, ask your children if they recognize any of the tactics used in these Socialist countries from their own experiences. Engage in discussions on how to reflect on everything being taught at school and how to remain open-minded to the fact that school might not be as trustworthy a source of information as your family would have ideally hoped. Let your children know that they can come to you to ask about anything they learn and that they should feel free to state their opinions at home - even if those opinions might be looked down upon by school teachers and administrators. 


After a few months, your children will become aware of misinformation and tactics by school officials, and they will be more skeptical of their history lessons. Teach your children how to use secondary sources to verify what was taught to them. If the information taught was accurate, then wonderful, your child was able to use research to reinforce concepts. If the information taught was dubious, then your child can remain objectively critical of the ideas. Take time to be part of their research efforts and continue guiding your child throughout elementary school. Many sources on the internet dress themselves in sheep's clothing to deceive unsuspecting children to reinforce leftist propaganda.

This is just a suggestive guide on how to help your children. Tweak it any way you wish to suit the particular needs of your family. But come up with a plan and stick to it. The earlier you can get to your children, the more easily you can undo the liberal revisionist history that was shoved down their throats. 

A well-educated, keen child is less likely to fall victim to the revisionist movement that has claimed the Millennial generation. Millennials have been brainwashed into adoring socialism, with 70 percent saying they would vote for a socialist. They have not been taught about the Holocaust. Millennials have been conditioned to sympathize with terrorists. They oppose free speech for those who disagree with them. Generation Z, the Millennial successor, is likely to unwittingly fall deeper and deeper into the propaganda movement that followed Obama's election. Don't let the next generation, our elementary school children, get trampled by leftist ideologues. Don't let the tragedy that befell the Millennial mind repeat.


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