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AP Photo/Adel Hana

Israel is in the midst of yet another rocket attack from Gaza. The most recent barrage is in response to Israel’s elimination of a terrorist leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, who, coincidentally, was responsible for coordinating the previous rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. 

As of Thursday, over 450 rockets have been indiscriminately fired from Gaza into densely-populated Israeli cities. The map of affected cities is rather startling. While 90% of the rockets have been intercepted by the amazing Iron Dome, a tenth of the missiles have reached the Israeli people and caused significant distress and damage. So far, 84 Israelis have been treated for injuries, none life-threatening. One of the victims is an 8-year-old girl who collapsed and fainted as her family was running to a bomb shelter. An increasing amount of homes have been irreparably damaged by the missiles.  

The reason for continued terrorism is because Israel responds in defense of its people by eliminating terrorist targets and their artilleries. The IDF reports that Israel has killed 20 Palestinian terrorists this week. The terrorists use their personal homes to store rockets and artillery, so when Israeli forces eliminate the threats, they have to go to the homes of these terrorists. The Jihadists use their families as human shields for these artilleries and fire at Israelis from these homes. Israel is left with no choice but to stop the bombardment, which means eliminating the threat, the Islamist’s home. This is an expected inevitability and is calculated by the Jihadists to create propaganda stories after the destruction and deaths of their families, allowing them to audaciously claim that Israelis target civilians and civilian homes. Islamic Jihad calls the Israeli response to their terrorism “a massacre.” Ironically, Islamic Jihad also frequently misfires, hitting their own people and Gaza homes as well. 

It is rather shocking that Israel is expected to just deal with the ceaseless hatred and rocket fire from their terrorist border squatters. Islamic Jihad and Hamas are terrorist organizations with the sole goal of murdering Jews and taking over their land. These are not people who wish to live side-by-side in peace. American and Israeli taxpayers are forced to fund the continuing terrorism. Hamas leader admitted just last week that they have hundreds of kilometers of underground tunnels, hundreds of underground and above-ground command centers, thousands of traps, and thousands of locally-made anti-tank missiles. Our hard-earned money was sent to these people as “aid” for their never-ending “poverty” and used to furnish their terrorist artillery. Democrats want to send more, under the misleading term “humanitarian aid.” Of note, the terrorists in charge of the Palestinians are not investing the “humanitarian aid” into their kids’ education but are instead investing it into army-building: over 400 UNRWA schools in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem used US-approved textbooks to teach Palestinians to kill Jews. According to the Israeli Defense Minister, for the cost of every rocket shot at Israel this week, a classroom could have been built in Gaza. But what would the children have been taught in these classrooms? 

If the United States received 450 rockets from neighbors Mexico or Canada, if 84 Americans were injured in rocket fire, it is fair to say that the United States would respond with force. The government that would have allowed the firing of rockets at American civilians in our hypothetical would no longer be in power. Yet, Hamas and Islamic Jihad continue to reign over the Palestinians. Israel feels cornered and is politically forced to allow them to continue to exist because brainwashed leftist politicians around the world make it impossible for Israel to be free of terrorism, threatening economic demise for their allegedly insolent exercise of self-defense. The world refuses to see the obvious truth and prefers to indulge in propaganda fantasies of “innocent” terrorists.

I feel for the Israeli people, deeply. I cannot imagine living in a country where I need to spend my days and nights crouching in a bomb shelter. I cannot imagine how frustrating and depressing it must be to have the world condemn you for trying to live free, for trying to protect yourself against terrorism. No other country in the world is held to this inequitable standard, only Israel.

I hope the Jewish people can finally feel safe and truly rest one day, fully enjoying the security of their historic homeland. Jews have had a long century of hatred, torture, and murder. 

You can help Israel by donating to MDA, Israel's version of the Red Cross, a national emergency medical services organization.

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