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Thousands Sign Petition Asking to Free Innocent Cop Wrongfully Convicted By Leftist Politics

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Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was a 27-year-old hardworking, dedicated police officer. 

He worked in a high-crime area and he was engaged in proactive policing. This means that Daniel made a lot of stops and arrests. This also means that he made a lot of people angry, annoyed and vengeful. 


True to form, an angry woman made a complaint against him for stopping her. For those of you unfamiliar with policing and complaints, the two go hand-in-hand. An overwhelming majority of complaints against officers are unfounded, foul crap. About 92% of the complaints against officers are in this category. 

This angry woman alleged that Daniel put his penis into her mouth, for 10 seconds, and then took it out and went on his way. You know, how it’s always done. 

So the detective swabbed her for his DNA. None was found. And swabbed Daniel for her DNA. None was found. In fact, no evidence existed to corroborate the outrageous complaint. And Daniel vehemently denied this craziness. 

But those were just details to the seemingly feminist detective, who later explained that she just “knew” that Daniel was guilty based on his masculine appearance. For you see, his alleged male “narcissism” was enough for the feminist to suspect Daniel of crimes against women. Without evidence, and based solely on her feelings, she decided that there would be more victims. 

The feminist detective and her equally motivated partner ventured on a quest to find these victims. Where did they look for victims? In Daniel's records. How did they choose the women to speak to? They selected only black women who had a criminal record and an outstanding warrant. Did this profile match the original complainant? No. But like everything else in this investigation, it just felt right to them. 


The detectives asked more than 40 women whether Officer Holtzclaw sexually assaulted them. Most of these women said, “no, I wasn’t assaulted.” But after repeated, persuasive attempts by the detectives to get these hopefuls to change their stories, with Reid Technique primers such as, "I need your help . . . I can't have this guy running around the whole city," some of the women gave in and gave the detectives exactly what was sought: shady allegations of sexual assault. Voilà! 

How shady? Very shady. Just one example of many: some women described their assaulting officer as dark-skinned and driving an older model police cruiser; another described the assailing cop as a shorter white man with blonde hair. And Daniel? He is a 6’2” half-Asian with muscular-build and black hair, who could only be described as “huge” or “a football player” or anything else that goes with describing the unusually humongous mound of wide-muscle that is the defining visual of this uniquely-built officer. Oh, and Daniel drove one of the new model police cruisers, which are colored and shaped differently from the older models. But the physical description incongruities would only get in the way of crucifying the allegedly cocky young officer, so the detectives brushed these little tidbits off as evidentiary pish-posh.


A total of 13 "victims" had been collected by the feminists. The individual cases were frail, but there was safety in numbers. After all, 13 complainers create a lot of smoke, and people are quick to judge that where there's smoke there's fire. A jury could be fooled. 

And so a case which depended on an aggregation of victims above all else was brought to court. And it was immediately followed by leftist recognition that the complaining victims were all black. And Daniel, he looked white-enough. So he was white. The feminist detective concocted a leftist victimization Utopia: white cop, rape culture, back victims. The left cried tears of joy

Once news of this case got out, BLM and feminist activists began actively influencing the trial. They made impactful comments to the jurors: "convict that *** police officer," "racist cop," "I know he's guilty." An angry mob of protestors collected outside of the courthouse and shouted: “GIVE HIM LIFE!” The jury was instructed by the judge to ignore the loud cries for a conviction that could be heard in the courtroom … but, a spectacle is a spectacle, and ignoring the pink elephant in the room is not a jury’s forte. 

Under these circumstances, Daniel was found guilty. Of what? Exactly one-half of the charges. The jury “split the baby,” everyone opined. Split the baby in a criminal case. In a case in which a jury swears to hold their government to a strict standard of proof that is so strong that it leaves the jury without any reasonable doubt. What this jury did was in direct opposition to their instructions and an affront to the American justice system. But the media didn’t care. Leftist media was happy with the result, and when it comes to liberal politics, the ends justify the means. After all, for them, the raping white cop was off the streets and now their barrage of victims can finally profit from this ordeal through the civil lawsuits to follow. Liberal media found a happy ending and moved on. 


But Daniel didn’t. He couldn’t. Daniel was innocent. Daniel is innocent. He had consistently maintained his innocence, since the moment he was first questioned. To him, this had nothing to do with race or politics. It was just a case of false allegations by an angry person stopped by police. Leftist politics were brought into this without his input. He was just the guy chosen by leftists to be burned in effigy. 

To this very day, Daniel continues to fight this battle. His appeal and request for a new trial have been in legal limbo. Daniel has been waiting for an answer for one and a half years. In the meantime, support for him is growing. An online petition to Free Daniel Holtzclaw has over 12,000 signatures. At the forefront of the page is a statement by Daniel. “I am completely innocent.” 

Daniel will never be made whole again; after all, false accusations cause irreparable harm. But he can at least get a second trial and chance to live his life. If he doesn't, he will die in prison. Officer Daniel Holtzclaw is serving 263 years; that jury gave him life, as BLM requested. 

What can you do? Watch Michelle Malkin's special investigation Daniel in the Den and Forensic Scientists Speak Out On Daniel Holtzclaw Case for a comprehensive understanding of the travesty that took place in this case. Join the thousands who want to help. Sign the petition. Share this story. Contact your politicians and demand justice for Officer Daniel Holtzclaw. Do what you can to assist an innocent cop wrongfully convicted by leftist politics. 


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