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VA U.S. Senate GOP Primary is Between a Constitutionalist and a Guy Who Calls Anti-Semite His Hero

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The Virginia U.S. Senate Republican Primary is set to be a match between Nick Freitas, a Constitutionalist and revered Virginia lawmaker in the House of Delegates, and Corey Stewart, a guy who lost the Republican Primary nomination for Governor of Virginia and decided to run for another office. 

In the same day that I received an NRA member mailing endorsing U.S. Senate candidate Nick Freitas as an A+ representative of the Second Amendment, I read a story from the Daily Wire about Freitas’ opponent Corey Stewart praising known anti-Semite Paul Nehlen as his “personal hero.” 

“I can't tell you how much I was inspired by you,” Corey Stewart says to the anti-semite in the video posted on YouTube.

Corey Stewart’s “personal hero” Paul Nehlen was declared "dead to us" by Steve Bannon after Nehlen's anti-Semitic and racist posts on social media came to light. 

But Stewart’s choice of hero is not surprising. According to Mediaite, Stewart spoke at a rally before the infamous Charlottesville Neo-Nazi march last August. The site obtained a photo of Stewart addressing people on a megahorn. In the background, you can see Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Unite The Right event that ended in bloodshed last summer. This isn't the first time Kessler and Stewart have made joint appearances at rallies. Stewart is also known for proudly posing with a Confederate flag to entice his voters. Stewart is appealing to a particular demographic, touting “Confederate heritage” as his platform.

Stewart is also engaging in questionable campaign tactics. In 2016, Corey Stewart was fired from Trump’s campaign as Virginia co-chairman, a detail Corey omitted when he boasted to his followers this week about his involvement with the Trump campaign on Facebook. Stewart posted a photo of Trump shaking his hand as if to indicate endorsement. Donald Trump has not endorsed Corey Stewart for Senate. And in fact, Trump endorsed Stewart’s opponent during the Virginia Governor race that Stewart lost. Corey Stewart has not been endorsed by the NRA either. 

Luckily for Virginia, we have a squeaky-clean conservative candidate as Corey Stewart’s opponent, Nick Freitas. 

Aside from his continuous efforts to fight for classic American rights, Freitas is a devout Christian and a stable family man. He is devoted to his wife. He is proud of his children and doesn’t touch his iPhone when he is spending time with his kids. Freitas praises the strength of American families. 

Freitas was also a Green Beret, having walked the walk for America. Corey Stewart just talks the talk. And apparently not well. Stewart was called a "charlatan whose record doesn’t match his rhetoric" on the Virginia House floor, which drew bipartisan support from Virginia elected officials. 

Nick Freitas attends debates and constructively argues in favor of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Freitas lives in the now, attending to modern day issues, such as school security, the Second Amendment, and taxation.

To compare them simply: Nick Freitas is fighting Liberalism. Corey Stewart is fighting Yankees. 

My choice is clear. I’m endorsing the American candidate, Nick Freitas. I shrug off Confederates who attempt to pass themselves off as Republicans. Those candidates retrogress politics when they carry the flag and ideology belonging to the enemy of the United States of America. 

Join me and vote for Nick Freitas on June 12 in the Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.


Editor's Note: This column originally said that Corey Stewart spoke and attended the Unite The Right rally last August. That's inaccurate. It was actually an event held before that infamous march, which left one person dead and nineteen injured after someone plowed through a crowd of counter-protesters last summer. It’s been edited to make this clear. We apologize for the error.

The left wing Antifa group was there. Yes, they did pick fights with members of the alt-Right and brawls erupted. Stewart criticized the media reaction, saying they didn’t focus on Antifa’s aggressive behavior. Attorney General Jeff Sessions called the car attack an act of domestic terrorism.  

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