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The Millennial Mentality Has Taken Over

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Since Hillary’s defeat, the meltdown by the left and the MSM—but I repeat myself—has proven a veritable case study on the millennial mindset. First came calls to talk about the Electoral College. But a week in the echo-chamber proved more than enough for the left to move from dialogue to demagoguery, with them next proclaiming that the electoral college was a mere vestige of slavery. Yet while condemning the Electoral College as antiquated and racist, Hillary’s supporters simultaneously gleaned a glimmer of hope (and delayed the last throes of denial), from headlines which announced that the Electoral College could still hand Hillary Clinton the presidency.


However, with Hillary’s popular vote tally continuing to rise, a new victory cry has overtaken social media. Supporters are now declaring that Hillary really won the election. This response shouldn’t be surprising. After all, Hillary’s popular-vote victory is the equivalent of the participation trophy for which the left is exceedingly fond. What her supporters need to hear, though, is a blunt retort, in a fashion reminiscent of Louisville women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz: Hillary lost. She’s a loser. And in the real world, when you lose, you go home.

But instead the participation-trophy mindset has overtaken the left and with it we’re seeing the full monty of the millennial mentality. Let’s start with Hillary’s self-worth. Her devastating and unexpected loss must have crushed her spirit and her self-esteem must be built back up. With their “new math” training, that is easy enough for her supporters: No longer does 260 equal victory. Now a candidate who “receive[s] more votes than any other US presidential candidate in history except Barack Obama,” equals a winner.

It doesn’t end with new math, though. Hillary must also be the featured photo in the weekly rag—every week. She’s become the contemporary feel-good “Student of the Week” feature. The incorrigible class-clown and straight-D student whose toothless, vacuous mug graces the cover of the local gazette, flanked with the most audacious puffery since VW bragged about its emissions standards: “This week’s star pupil has an uncanny ability to engage the class and bring smiles to the faces of his fellow students.”


Let’s translate. Hillary grocery shopping: “Wow. Give that mom and grandma an A in home economics. Hillary browsing in a book store: “Literature: A.” Hillary hiking: “Physical Education: A.” Hillary hiking with Bill: “Physical Education: A+ (solid demonstration of teamwork skills).

Should these efforts fail and Hillary still can’t drag herself out of bed for longer than the time it takes to stage the upcoming week’s anti-glamour shot? Fear not. This generation knows what to do. Stage a protest, create a hashtag, and sign a petition. There are nearly 5 million signatures on the petition calling for the electoral college to elect Hillary Clinton president. Surely, that will work. After all, that’s how millennials’ schools work. Protest, petition, and presto—the University of Missouri has a new president.

But with millennials coming out of school $100,000 in debt and limited to baristas jobs at Starbucks, relying on their higher-education experiences might not be the best idea. Reality will soon teach them that, though, because it will be another four years before the next candidate holds out the loan-forgiveness carrot. In the meantime, a few months of early-morning mocha fetching will make plain that in life you don’t get your ideal job just because you really want it and tried really hard. In that moment, they might—just might—come to terms with Hillary losing her dream job. The only question then is whether they’ll share that hard-earned knowledge with their slightly-younger counterparts who have taken over the protest signs. A taste of reality, so to speak, to go along with the caffe latte grande and cranberry orange scone.


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