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Elsewhere I have referred to our non-compos mentis President, Joe Biden, in a deservedly derisive way. I related his mental ineptness to the to the hidden disability of the first two harbingers of the progressive political movement, Woodrow Wilson and FDR, during their surreptitious, infirm Presidential tenures.


The Democrat Party pushed Biden into the Presidency for four important reasons.. First, they figured that he could ride Obama’s coattails, having been Vice President for two terms and taking orders well. Second, if he failed at 78 years old, his age when elected, critics could easily be smeared at “ageist” as did the John Fetterman enablers against his critics. Third, he had handled much of Obama’s dirty work, and could reprise this role for the entire Democrat Party. Fourth, because the pandemic was going hot and heavy during the 2020 Presidential campaign season, he could be sequestered in his basement with fully scripted talking points so he wouldn’t embarrass himself or the party.

Our President’s Accuity

An informative way to examine Presidential mental acuity is through comparing IQ scores. The average Presidential IQ score is 135. When comparing Biden to Trump, the contrast is illuminating. Trump’s IQ was tested at 156 (one point above Obama’s) while Biden’s is 115, twenty points below the Presidential average and 41 points below Trump. This was determined when he was younger; today his intelligence equates to a box of rocks, incapable of admission to most MOR state universities.

As Obama’s Vice President, Biden manifested ineptitude. Brett Bruen who served as President Barack Obama’s director of global engagement from 2013 to 2015, hammered this fact home in a recent op-ed for USA Today, revealing that he used to “cringe” whenever Biden took the podium as vice president; now our nation and former allies around the world believe him cringe-worthy while our enemies rejoice at all the hotspots around the world, Taiwan, Mexico, Middle East intensifying. 


America is forced to do more than cringe at its absence of leadership. My thesis is not only a justifiable bashing of “Old Joe from Scranton”; the burgeoning problem is America’s reputation and presence around the world are becoming de minimis. Rivals like China, North Korea, Iran and the Soviet Union no longer respect or fear us. Worse, our alleged friends like France, Great Britain, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Mexico no longer trust us; they find us at best, a delusive ally. The world had been writing off America as either deranged or simply irrelevant as the United States cannibalizes itself and its value at the throne of wokeism. So as the military, political, financial, economic, and cultural status of the United States hits rock-bottom, to borrow a verse from Bob Dylan, “Here [we] sit so patiently, waiting to find out what price, you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice.”

Friends tremble at our sudden decline. Enemies like China and Iran exult in our inconsequential standing throughout the world, while neutrals make the necessary adjustments to join the ascending non-American side.

VDH offers in his “Biden’s Ten-Step Plan for Global Chaos”, an abbreviated list of things he bollixed up that are demoting our economic standard of living and standing in the world. He stated earlier that “Allies ask who are our leaders. An impaired Joe Biden who never is quite sure where he is, what he is doing, or whom he is with?” I would rejoin that world leaders have given up asking this question because Mr. Biden’s everyday behavior leaves no doubt. It’s all about capitalizing on his incapacity.


The Federal and State Media Complicity

Abetting Mr. Biden in a “your secret’s safe with us” manner is the overarching influence federal and state media have on what gets reported publicly. So pervasive is government secret-keeping that It has been referred to recently by N.S. Lyons as the “censorship-industrial complex” and its war on disinformation which means any point of view they find disagreeable. Their oversized censorial role was on display during the 2020 presidential election abetted by a cadre of “fact-checker” organizations like the Tampa Bay Times/Poynter Institute’s PolitiFact.org, the University of Pennsylvania’s FactCheck.org, The Washington Post’s Fact Checker and Snopes. All claim they are the “largest and best fact-checking organization” which deserves some independent fact-checking. On Dec. 23, 2010, Joe Rago, a Wall Street Journal opinion columnist claimed, about Barak Obama’s lie that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it”, that “all citizens will be required to pay into this system, regardless of their individual needs or preferences. Sounds like a government takeover to us.” This included a bow shot at PolitiFact for insisting the law was not a government takeover of health care.

It is perhaps not surprising that these progressive fact-checker organizations have given Joe Biden’s pronouncements a generous and undeserved assessment. For example, the Poynter Institute extolled Biden’s horrific 2023 State of the Union Address—" Amid continued political polarization, and with opinion polls showing an uneasy public, Biden aimed to deliver a sense of fiscal and social relief.” Is there is no one to check the fact-checkers’ overly-generous mischaracterization of Joe Biden’s presidential failures? 


The 2024 Horizon

Conservatives would like to believe that the 2024 election will bring a welcomed respite from all the aforementioned woke-driven craziness that has been keeping us wishing for DJT’s days of future-past (apologies to the Moody Blues). We will be lucky to get a Nikki Haley, Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Tim Scott, hopefully not either of the two Mikes (Pence or Pompeo), but as I have argued earlier, not DeSantis until 2028.

The 2024 Presidential election in the Democrat universe will be fascinating. There is good reason to believe that the Democrat Party doesn’t want Biden to run again, given how bad he has been despite fawning reports from the mainstream media to the contrary. All the usual Democrat suspects in the rainbow coalition are vying for a shot at the presidency. Kamala Harris, two IQ points above moron status, Pete “What Me Worry” Buttigieg, Bernie Socialist Sanders, Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Cory “Cryin’ Eyes” Booker, and AOC whom NYT’ writer David Freelander called a wizard of social media and the “avatar of this new generation.” They will all want Sleepy Joe to go because it’s their turn for the golden [toilet] ring. None of these woke presidential wanna-bes can likely capture MOR Democrats.

While Biden hasn’t announced whether or not he going to run in 2024, Democrats would rejoice if he didn’t and California Governor Gavin Newsom ran in his place. Given Mr. Newsom’s myriad failures and how he made California, once America’s “golden state,” into Mexifornia, driving Golder Staters to Texas, Tennessee, Montana and Florida for all the wrong reasons; it is unlikely he will be the chosen one. 


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