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When a woman breaks the glass ceiling that all women allegedly face, the question remains who will pick up all the broken pieces of glass? Most certainly, there is a price to pay be it reasonable or unfortunate. For Kamala Harris, it is certainly the price paid by the Democrat Party and legacy media. Allow me to explain.


Before Kamala ascended to the vice-presidential throne, and while she was still competing against the battery of Democrat presidential hopefuls, she made false accusations about candidate Biden. As Daniel Greenfield wrote recently, “When Kamala tried to force Biden out of the race and take his black supporters, she accused him of racism for opposing busing. This false claim was backed by her even more preposterous contention that being bused through the segregated Mason-Dixon line of Berkeley was the only reason she ever achieved her current career.”

For this affront, Dr. Jill Biden allegedly told Kamala to “go f—k yourself” according to a story in the New York Post. When Kamala Harris ascended to the throne of Vice President in the Let’s Go Brandon administration, NBC News crowed, “Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris shattered the glass ceiling for all women. It's about time. But Harris is more than a token to women, Black people and South Asian people. She is competent, reasoned, reasonable, intellectual and highly qualified.” Hummmm.

As California’s Attorney General, the first glass ceiling she apparently broke, Kamala presided over the tarnished state’s becoming its current lawless frontier. For example, she directed the declination to investigate any potential illegal activity on the part of Planned Parenthood for selling aborted fetal body parts. Instead, she choose to throw the book at David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress who was behind the sting on the abortion group. Almost immediately she influenced the F.B.I. to raid Daleiden’s home, seizing his camera equipment and hard drives. Rather than Planned Parenthood, The Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden became victims of a criminal investigation ordered by Harris, for the crime…as Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls once sang …” of looking up the truth.”


Kamala broke the glass ceiling again on November 19, 2021, when she was sworn in as President of the United States for less than an hour and presidential power was temporarily transferred to her while somnolent Joe underwent a colonoscopy under anesthesia. A more recent report shows Mr. Biden paying rapt attention to everyone in his entourage at the D.C. Central Kitchen except for Vice President Harris during an obligatory appearance at the Washington, D.C. homeless shelter.

It would seem to be no overstatement to say that Kamala’s bloom has changed to gloom off her Vice Presidential rose since there are increasing calls from progressives for Kamala to be replaced. Many of us are asking why it has taken so long for Brandon and his administration to realize that she was more of a liability than an asset—an incompetent triple play? As Kipp Jones says in The Western Journal, “The vice president is unprepared, unqualified and a liability for Democrats in 2022 and 2024. There is also the fact that Harris reportedly runs an abusive office where staffers are routinely victimized by the California Democrat and her chief of staff, Clinton family ally Tina Flournoy.” Say it ain’t so, Joe!

A recent USA Today poll shows Kamala’s national approval rating has dropped to 28%, only marginally worse than her sleepy President. This was down from the Real Clear Politics average approval rating of 42% when she first took office.


Some feminist progressives believe this is impossible. Joyless Behar of The View opined about Harris’ low poll numbers: “Oh, that’s right. She’s a woman and she’s Black. I almost forgot! You know, let’s tell the truth here. I mean, it seems like there’s this bombardment of criticism on her and [Joe] Biden coming from the right as if they have been in office for four years. They’ve only been there for what? Six months?” Poor Joyless’s feminism apparently interferes with her ability to count straight, since Ms. Harris has occupied the White House since January 20, 2021, which is 10 months…and counting. Like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, you don’t need a brain to be on The View, just a radically progressive view as Dr. Jill said tiptoeing through the shattered glass ceiling after the second leftist Presidential debate in 2019. “With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f–k yourself.”

Democrats and those with a progressive mindset have been living in a fool’s paradise believing that prejudice, not competence, is the only thing holding females, especially females of color, from ascending to the highest levels of government and the corporate world. Obviously, they failed to remember Martin Luther King’s prescient statement about the content of a person’s character being more important than the color of their skin. Apparently, Kamala’s White House staff see beyond her gender and skin color to a character that is brash, nasty, unemphatic, not particularly competent and chockablock full of unearned self-importance.


It is a touch ironic that Ms. Harris’ assent to the number two political position in our United States Government and her slow meltdown from political favor in the Democrat Party and Biden Administration has not received much reproval from the radical feminists who hold that a female of color deserves every benefit of the doubt, even when there is absolutely no doubt to have.

Apparently, no one from that circle of ideologues has bothered to even raise the idea of what happened to the debris after you break glass ceilings because for Kamala Harris’ broken glass litters her every step.

It appears that she just can’t pick up the mess she made breaking the glass ceiling in Democrat politics, and no progressives have volunteered to assist her in picking up her glass ceiling shards spread around America. She really needs help but probably is beyond any!

*I wish to thank an anonymous beverage executive for the idea underlying this paper.

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