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Confession:  I was once a Swamp dweller. As an appointee in the President George W. Bush Administration, I did those things Swamp dwellers do. I worked on legislation, wrote regulations, and hobnobbed around Washington. My boss happily branded me “Troublemaker” while others, Democrat and Republican, used that word with less affection. 


What does it take to be branded a troublemaker in Washington? Well, you only need to stand up for regular folks (in my case parents and children), try to expand freedom by reducing government power, and try to make ethical decisions with a dose of common sense.

Remember that the Swamp dwellers, on both sides of the aisle, looked the other way while Hillary Clinton used the Clinton Foundation to receive money from foreign entities and governments while she was Secretary of State and a U.S. senator. They looked the other way while Vice President Joe Biden and his son openly gamed the system to enrich the family. 

They still look the other way while some insiders work on behalf of foreign governments and against the interests of Americans. I can only think of one person, Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who has ever dared to challenge this openly. 

Some ignore it because they live in glass houses. Most just take the path of least resistance.  But Donald Trump came in with outsider eyes and he isn’t known for going along to get along. 

Is it any wonder that he has been under siege from the beginning? The Swamp HATES people with backbone. 

The Swamp likes people who can be bullied, bribed, blackmailed, and bought. D.C. runs on “The Four B's.” This may sound shocking to the average American. But it is true. 

Americans, known for their strength and backbone, chose a fighter in Donald J. Trump. They knew the usual brand of Republican likely couldn’t do the job. 

When elitists wonder why his supporters forgive the language and behavior of the tweeter-in-chief, they display their misunderstanding of liberty-loving Americans who are not afraid to fight in the trenches to defeat socialism. They aren’t looking for a commander in chief with manners. 


And make no mistake--his supporters know what they are fighting for…and against. If they forget for a minute, they only need to watch a Democrat debate to be reminded. 

President Trump declared “The United States will never be a socialist country” because he knows the exact nature of the fight. On a relentless march to fulfill every campaign promise, he has reduced regulations and taxes, unleashing our (mostly) free enterprise system to create a booming economy and record low unemployment. He has unapologetically defended religious freedom, which was a welcome relief after the Obama administration sued Little Sisters of the Poor. 

American patriots are reinvigorated by a president who clearly loves the country and its people. And despite three years of media propaganda trying to convince Americans that the president is racist, support for him by black Americans is rising. 

In his unabashed support for a freer, more prosperous America, he is up against some establishment Republicans, unnamed and unelected bureaucrats, lobbyists, media, and Democrats. All he really has is a small group of loyal fighters in Congress and in his administration…and about half the American people. 

Almost the entire bureaucracy is against him, including some of his appointees who have managed to get in feigning support. Some have been in D.C. too long. They are not there to serve, but to be served.

Many Republican politicians and bureaucrats could use a backbone graft. Only freedom-loving Americans and Trump can infuse them with the strength they need to fight. You must have a backbone to be a donor, after all. 


For this to happen, patriotic Americans need to be noisy in their support of the president. The size of the rallies and the long lines matter. Phone calls to elected representatives are crucial. Establishment types need to be afraid to do their usual quivering in the corner of the Capitol. 

In November 2006, I met with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The Republicans had just lost the House. She asked me what I thought had happened. I replied that I thought the Republicans forgot they were Republicans. And she replied, “You know what I always say, if you insist on going down the middle of the road, you will surely be run over.”  

The fight for freedom and against socialism has never been for the spineless. Swamp dwellers should take note. Americans are taking names. 

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