Liz Harrington

Liz Harrington
The Choice
By Liz Harrington
“You know, Joe. I ran because of you.”On June 16, 2015, after decades of being fed up with what was ...
November 02, 2020
Democrats Play Politics With Schools, But It’s Not the First Time
By Liz Harrington
Twenty-two European countries reopened their schools back in May, and it did not cause “any significant increase in coronavirus infections ...
July 16, 2020
‘Chaos.’ ‘Fraud.’ Democrats Once Warned Against Voting Changes They Now Call For
By Liz Harrington
“We’re right to be on guard against voter fraud,” Barack Obama once said. “Voter fraud would impinge on our democracy. ...
May 14, 2020
They Could Have Seen What Was Coming. But the Media’s Bias Gets In Their Way.
By Liz Harrington
President Trump provided facts and context to reporters in the White House briefing room Monday. Mainstream news networks could not ...
April 16, 2020
Democrats and Media Told us 'Turbulent Times' Was a Call with Ukraine. Now They're Trying to Rewrite the Story.
By Liz Harrington
“These are turbulent times,” the headline in the Washington Post declared. “But we will persist and prevail.”Amen.But that editorial was ...
March 23, 2020
Biden Should Let the Experts Speak: Trump’s Decisive Leadership Is Helping Fight the Wuhan Virus
By Liz Harrington
“Be quiet. Just let the experts speak.” Joe Biden should take his own advice.Democrats are so desperate to score political ...
March 14, 2020
No Magic Wand for Democrats, a Reckoning Is Coming
By Liz Harrington
Could this be progress? After years of denial and anger, have Democrats moved into the bargaining stage of their grief ...
February 21, 2020
The Socialist ‘Squad’ Does Not Like America. Take It From Them
By Liz Harrington
Prior to November 9, 2016, the media used to attempt to tell both sides of a story, provide context, and ...
July 21, 2019
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