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The Wrong End of a Gun

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So Congress is not going to pass gun legislation. It doesn’t sound as if they need to worry about it as the President is all too willing to take care of that for them. And New York has a deal in the works to begin limiting firearms.


And Chuck Schumer is asking for an end to gun sales until Congress can find a way to limit gun sales. If anyone is still mind-numbingly stupid enough to remain in the State of New York under the leadership of a bunch Hugo Chavez wanna-be’s, hey they are free to screw up their own lives as much as they want. But these people should not be free to screw up anyone else’s life. By all means, let your government tell you how big your sodas should be, how to manage your pain and control your self-defense. Just don’t York-up the rest of the nation.

As of  this writing, President Obama is telling his media that the American people want him to close tax loopholes. I’m not sure which section of the America’s to which he is referring. No American I know is in favor of higher taxes. But then, I tend to talk to actual flesh and blood people, not someone manufactured by the media.

And now according to the Washington Examiner, the government’s highway fund is getting a bit low with the advent of fuel efficient vehicles. And apparently, the Marble Mafia is again thinking about a mileage tax that according to the GAO, could eventually boost the gas tax some 250 percent. Right now you are paying just south of $100 per year. That’s right now. A mileage tax would take about $248 per annum out of your wallet. And with paychecks being on average $50 lighter per pay period I’m sure you can afford that. Right?


We could go to our governors, city councils, county commissions, sheriff’s and police chiefs and say “If you allow unjust and unconstitutional laws and regulations to be imposed on us, we will oust you in favor of people who will not allow that to occur.”

We could tell our local stores that we refuse to patronize them so long as they carry newspapers and magazines that advance a Marxist, nation-shredding agenda.

We could fly in the face of anti-Christian organizations and make a point of praying where others can see us, and living as Christ commanded even in the face of a media that ridicules us.

We could send back our cable and satellite boxes and tell the providers we refuse to finance left wing, anti-Christian, anti-family propaganda. Maybe there are some good shows out there, but the checks we write those companies give hypocrites like Piers Morgan, Michael Moore and Al Gore their platform.

We could stop buying from stores and companies that are in bed with this administration.

We could find a way to actively stand by companies that have the rare virtue of courage is facing down an HHS mandate that would force people of conscience.

We can stop going to the local Cineplex that peddles every vice, from a Hollywood that makes millions of dollars from that vice,  and then turns around and blames us for the state of affairs.


We could, but we won’t. After all, “”Duck Dynasty” is on, the kids love “Sesame Street“, and video games are fun for everyone, right? We want ease. We ant comfort. We want convenience. 

So we will write columns, post cute declarations on Facebook, and ask people to like them if they love America or Jesus, or the Second Amendment. And we will post comments about columns like this, but we won’t do a thing.

The Left took power because we ceded the power. In the name of convenience, entertainment, or maybe because we just did not want to come under fire ourselves we ceded power. We ceded power to Marxist labor unions and Trotskyites in our universities. We kept silent because someone pretending to be the majority might call us racists and homophobes.

We got lazy. We got complacent, and we gave power to the political class and we gave the national message to a class of Hollywood prostitutes. And now we bemoan the fate of the nation.

Yes, “they” will take away our First and Second Amendment rights. Yes, they will regulate us into obsolescence. Yes they will lower our standard of healthcare and our standard of living. Yes they will tax us all into poverty. Yes they can, and do you know why? Because we let them.  We have neither the courage or the fortitude to stand up to them or take away their power.


And spare me the comments. Spare me the cut and paste comments from you leftist who are parroting the mantras of your betters in the vain hope that one day you too will have a condo in Aspen. Go back to poring over your talking points and bellowing for your mommy to bring you another Hot Pocket while you try to become a fourth level Orc-Mage on World of Warcraft,

And spare me the comments from the right. This is not Bush’s fault, Romney’s fault or the fault of the RINO’s. This is a collective screw up on all of our parts. We let the country get away and now we are to afraid to take it back. Until we send back that cable box, boycott that theater, or product, and until we engage our leaders mano a mano; until we refuse to submit, we are going to get exactly what we deserve.

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