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CNS News reported that on Wednesday that  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a group of activists  that a government “cannot and should not control the lives of individuals.”


She went on to say: “The economy has to be in the hands of those who are the entrepreneurs and creative innovators.”

And…cue Rod Serling.

I’ll give you a minute to digest that.

I’ll admit that upon reading that, I had to throw a few random objects off of my roof to be certain that gravity still worked. Some have theorized that this represents a drive toward the middle of the road on the Secretary’s part in preparation for a 2012 or 2016 run for the White House.

There is also another notion that the former First Lady thinks that the Obamaphenomenon is raging beyond even her wildest left-wing dreams to the point that she would prefer to distance herself from the most liberal president ever. Some cite her divergence from the Administrations’ policies on Israel as an example of her possible disenchantment with the sitting president.

I find it hard to believe that the person who posited nationalized healthcare before all the cool kids were doing it is for limited government and free enterprise. This is the administration that has taken a personal interest in our fat intake, tracking journalists and on the distribution of birth control and abortions to the point that it has tried to strong arm religious institutions into violating their own beliefs, and most recently has opposed the idea of military chaplains opting out of same-sex marriages if they oppose those unions on religious grounds.

It has also given us an Environmental Protection Agency that suddenly “finds” a wetlands in the midst of an Idaho subdivision in order to prevent property owners from building there and has also set aside money to increase the federal role in healthcare in schools. Not exactly the actions of a laissez-faire system of government.

It all makes sense when one considers that the Secretary was taking part in a meeting entitled “Global Dialogue of Civil Society”.

The word “civil” when used by the Left has come to mean that anyone with a differing point of view politely keeps their big bazoo shut. And as the Administration has shown, small government and entrepreneurship are fine, so long as it defines what those mean as well. 

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