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As a Christian, I will welcome Resurrection Day, just not at the polls. Unfortunately, the dead seem to be rising a bit ahead of schedule when it comes to voting.


This past Friday, I spent about fifteen minutes talking with Horace Cooper of Project 21, a branch of the National Center For Public Policy Research. According to Cooper, recent election days in New Hampshire and other parts of the nation resembled a horror movie as voters rose from their graves to cast ballots for the candidate of their choice. Cooper noted that the modus operandi in some states has been to move voters by bus from one precinct to another.

These voters, armed with a name on a 3 X 5 card taken from the obituaries or some other source arrive at the polls, give their assigned name and cast their ballots. Citing undercover video, Cooper notes that when these voters use the name of a legitimate resident of the precinct, they are seen asking the poll workers if someone else comes in and gives the same name, if they will be allowed to vote. They are assured the next person with that name, who one may assume is the legitimate voter will not be permitted to vote.

According to Cooper, this practice has also been seen in Wisconsin, which if true could make life difficult for Scott Walker who may well be in for the fight of his political life.

This has given rise to the call to show present identification to vote. According to Cooper, eight states passed laws requiring identification to vote. It makes sense, after all one has to show an identification card to board an aircraft, cash a check or even use a credit card. Identification is easy to get, and given the increased demand for it, some states have been providing state identification cards at low, or no cost.  Proving one is who one claims to be when choosing a local, state or national leader would be a natural next step. Conservatives, notably the Fellows at Project 21.


One would think that given the Bush-Gore dustup in Florida over pregnant and hanging chads, truth-in-balloting would be of as much a concern of the Left as it is the Right.

One would think that, but one would be wrong. Not only has  Left compared the idea to the poll taxes and literacy tests of the Jim Crow era but, asserts Cooper, the U.S. Attorney General opposes the idea as well.

Which begs the question, why is the Left so opposed to the notion of fairness and truth at ballot box? What is it about insuring that only registered voters who live (literally) in their precinct avail themselves of one of  the most important American rights?

I’ll leave it to you, the reader to divine the answers to that. And in the meantime, get used to registering to vote with a Ouija Board.

On the other hand it appears that if the Left has its way, certain voters will not have to register at all.

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