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Voting is Always a Gamble: Vote Trump

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Considering the incredibly low expectations that many Republicans have for Donald Trump, the man barely needs to do anything to rise above the dismal speculation. Consequently, the odds on Trump paying off over a bonafide communist are clearly worth taking.


Let’s just be real. Calling Hillary Clinton a Democrat, a liberal, a progressive, or anything else doesn’t change the fact that she is a communist. That’s just what people are who advocate class warfare, state ownership of all property, gun control, and an egalitarian Utopia.

Stating the obvious isn’t a jibe or name calling -- it’s reality. Democrats are rewriting our vocabulary, but a red commie rat is still a red commie rat at the end of the day.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump is a lot like a lottery ticket, not a communist. The odds of hitting the jackpot with Trump are slim to none, but we might just get lucky. And thanks to America’s warriors, our tickets to vote have already been paid for.

Seriously, if someone handed you a lottery ticket, how much would you have to win before you took the time to cash it in?

Granted, maybe you have vowed to never gamble because doing so violates your principles or values. However, one way or the other -- you are going to gamble. The system is designed to make you. No matter what you have convinced yourself of or justified doing -- you will win Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It’s just that simple.

You and I both will be forced to collect our prize. We can’t refuse it no matter how much we kick and scream.

So, which one are you going to choose? I’m choosing Trump.

Last time, I gladly bet on Romney. The time before that, I had to bet on John McCain. Both times I lost and was forced to take Obama. Nevertheless, I think Ray Charles could see I did the right thing.


Yes, as ashamed as it makes me to admit it, John McCain would still make a better president than Barack Obama. Then again, that is a pretty low bar, but Hillary is even lower.

Regardless, if you choose to do nothing in November, you are still doing something. You are going to win one of the two prizes -- it’s guaranteed. When the election is over, you might not deserve what you get, but you are going to get it anyway.

Knowing what you know now, would you still rather have Obama over Romney or McCain? (Yea, that’s a rhetorical question.)

For me, the choice this time is another no brainer. And as a Marine veteran, I have to ask, “What red-blooded American would surrender to another radical commie?” I don’t know what Trump is, but I know he’s not a communist, and I know he hasn’t run his businesses like a dictator.

Hillary Clinton is a communist. She is a tyrant. At least put up some resistance. You’re going to have to look in the mirror eventually whether you want to or not. What will you do to fight back? Will you lie there and take it, or will you take a risk to save the rest of us?

You do have the freedom to do whatever you want thanks to the warriors who defend that freedom. However, Hillary and Obama continue to do everything they can to ensure the demise of our military. Shifting the focus from war fighting to social justice is a great way to accomplish their mission.

Compare the military to our public schools. The same plan of attack is in motion. Removing God and morality. Injecting exotic social experiments and foreign cultures to disrupt order and discipline.


Is it really that hard to see history repeating itself? Am I the one who is delusional?

Furthermore, I’ll just go straight for the throat. Pretending that Donald Trump could damage the Republican Party worse than John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner already have is what really seems impossible -- even more so than winning the lottery.

If the argument about losing control of Congress doesn’t make you laugh, you don’t understand the joke. So, let me type this S-L-O-W-L-Y: Should Hillary Clinton become our next president, she will inherit the goldmine of Barack Obama’s Republican patsies!

Yes, these impostors have given President Obama everything he wants. Pro wrestlers feign pain and despair better than these guys do when they’re capitulating and submitting to all of Obama’s taboo desires. The current Republican leadership will serve Hillary the exact same way while they fake being concerned that Republicans will be branded misogynists if they oppose her.

On the other hand, establishment Republicans are already opposing Trump. Just imagine how they will fight him if he deposes the communist queen.

That thought alone ought to be enough to motivate you to cash in your vote for Donald Trump.

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