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Liberals are Wrong About Gorillas, Racism, and Everything Else

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Why do liberals have such a hard time accepting that bad decisions and bad behavior have unpleasant consequences? 
Ignoring truth when it contradicts their irrational feelings and fallacious beliefs does not change what truth is. Neither does imposing laws that subject society to liberals’ bizarre emotions and foolish ideas. 
When a three-year-old child defies his mother and climbs in to a 450-pound gorilla’s cage, bad things can happen. Unfortunately, only three-year-old children, gorillas, and liberals appear to lack the mental capacity to understand this.
Let’s face it. Would the now-dead gorilla have been in danger last week if the three-year-old child had obeyed his mother and stayed out of the ape pit?
Would animal experts have ever shot the gorilla if the ape had stayed away from the child and not dragged the boy down the artificial river? 
Who, other than liberals, believes that the zookeepers responsible for taking care of the gorilla wanted to shoot it? 
Who, other than liberals, could imagine that animal experts enjoy destroying the animals they choose to study and work to protect?  
As a matter of fact, who, other than liberals, would argue that a better wall will keep more people out of gorilla cages, but won’t keep more illegal people out of America? 
Furthermore, who, other than liberals, would feel that gorillas in renown zoos like Cincinnati’s are worse off than wild gorillas that are regularly poached by criminals and nearing extinction? 
Of course, when it comes to a dead gorilla, who other than liberals, could be wrong about an imaginary “white privilege” killing the ape when a black child’s life was at stake? 
Granted, most liberals couldn’t care less that the child saved is black because liberals are simply far more likely than non-liberals to support killing any baby regardless of color. And based on the liberal fury sparked by killing a gorilla to save a child, some liberals seem willing to allow gorillas to kill babies, too. 
To justify their immoral feeling about killing babies, liberals insist that unborn babies are fetuses. However, calling babies fetuses does not change the truth that doctors call them babies during ultrasounds with the mothers.
Nevertheless, in the Cincinnati Zoo incident, the child being black matters a lot. 
Liberals are constantly pointing out that the lives of black people in America are not valued, and obviously this is true. Look at how many liberals value an ape’s life more than the the life of a black child. 
Why are there no protests by Black Lives Matter in Cincinnati concerning this disgusting reality? Why isn’t President Obama lecturing the world about liberals valuing an ape’s life more than the life of a black toddler? 
The media can ignore this racial angle of the story all they want, but covering up the obvious does not change that it exists. 
A dead gorilla is now proof that liberals do not value black lives anywhere close to what they constantly tell themselves. 
Liberals generally claim to value black lives when doing so strokes their feeling of moral superiority or promotes a liberal belief that they want to pretend is true.    
On the other hand, non-liberals see that saving any child’s life is a great success, and killing an unfortunate gorilla that posed a grave threat to a black child is simply sad, but a moral no-brainer. 
Meanwhile, some liberals are voicing offense that white liberals are more outraged over a dead gorilla than they are over unarmed black males who have been killed by police officers. 
Liberals cannot seem to accept that resisting arrest, attacking a police officer, or just committing a crime in general is a lot like an unarmed three-year-old jumping in to an ape exhibit. The consequences are not going to be good -- and death is one of the possibilities. 
For some strange reason, liberals pretend that heroin dealers like Freddie Gray and robbery suspects like Mike Brown are no different than any ordinary law-abiding black American. This of course is dangerously preposterous, and it is a disgusting insult to the law-abiding black males who are being used as cover for a depressing number of black males who choose to engage in criminal activities. 
Liberals make excuses for heroin dealers like Freddie Gray based on the horrible life he had up until his death. However, he would likely still be alive today if he had not made the criminal decision to poison other black children’s mothers with heroin or to resist his arrest. Nonetheless, has anyone produced any proof that police officers inflicted the injuries that caused his death?
Likewise, Michael Brown decided on his own to rob a convenient store and to resist arrest. As a result of his criminal and violent decisions, he was shot in the head. But liberals still deny the obvious: Brown was a violent, giant criminal.
Certainly it is sad that these two young men were born in to deplorable conditions, but being poor and black does not remove the consequences for being a criminal. 
Having taught and coached at a predominantly black high school, I know many young black men who are not criminals, and I know many who are. Some of the criminals I knew are now dead, in prison, or gunshot statistics. 
None of the kids I know have been killed by police. And none of the kids I know who are not criminals are in prison.
However, one young man who used to sell pot still has a bullet less than an inch from his heart. He wasn’t shot by a cop or armed at the time. He was shot by three other black men who tried to rob him during a back-alley deal. The responding police officers saved his life.
A local news station reported on this young man’s story. The reporter talked about his remarkable recovery and the positive things the young man is working toward. However, in typical liberal fashion, the part about him selling pot when he was robbed and shot didn’t make the cut. 
Everyone feels good that this young man survived and is doing well today. But the truth liberals ignore is that he would have never been shot if he hadn’t decided to commit a crime.  
Although the shooting convinced this kid to improve his behavior and to make better decisions, he’s still looking over his shoulder because the shooter has never been identified, and one of the robbers has already been released from prison.
Constant danger and potential death is simply an ugly reality of one bad decision, especially in dangerous neighborhoods. 

Ignoring the obvious apparently makes liberals feel better about their misguided beliefs, but it will never erase the negative consequences of bad decisions and bad behavior. A dead gorilla and a three-year-old child in Ohio prove it. 

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