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Getting Away with Donald Trump's Anti-Christian Spokeswoman

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Donald Trump’s refusal to debate in Iowa is being diagnosed as just part of some radical-new-political strategy based on proving Trump can do whatever he wants without losing supporters. However, Barack Obama already proved this is possible in 2008.

Many Americans refused to believe their lying eyes when it came to Obama’s alarming relationship with Jeremiah “God-Damn-America” Wright. In fact, Donald Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, is one of those Americans.

Today, Ms. Pierson is not Jeremiah Wright reincarnated, but she should definitely be more of an issue than Trump’s decision to skip the debate in Iowa.

The Daily Caller reports that Ms. Pierson harbors a real animosity toward Christians, worships Malcolm X, and believes Republicans are racist. Shouldn't rational people question why Donald Trump would appoint someone with these views to be the chief spokeswoman for his campaign?

As reported, Ms. Pierson has a contempt for religion in general and she has mocked Christians in particular on numerous occasions. Her twitter account is loaded with her anti-Christian feelings. On one occasion, Pierson actually stated, “There are no such things as Christians. Just people who call themselves Christians.”

With that in mind, does Pierson believe Donald Trump is someone who just calls himself a Christian? And if she does, would Mr. Trump consider that an insult?

While sneering at followers of Jesus, Pierson also boasts that she idolizes Malcolm X. Yea, Jeremiah “Love-the-Hell-Out-of-Rich-White-People” Wright was a big fan of Mr. X's, too.

Of course, the liberal media has no problem with Donald Trump’s spokeswoman idolizing a notorious America-hating Muslim or her anti-Christian views. Liberals are only appalled that Pierson, who is half black, called for a “pure-breed” president in 2012. Who knew the liberals had a problem with black people using racial insults?

I mean, didn’t Pierson’s idol Malcolm X call all honkies “white devils?

And didn’t Barack Obama’s racist reverend say he was sick “of negroes who just don’t get it”? Furthermore, doesn’t Wright now refer to Obama as our "Halfrican-American president”?

Why is it that the only problem liberals have with blacks using disparaging racial language is when Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner and his half-black spokeswoman uses the phrase “pure bloods”? I just can’t figure it out.

Meanwhile, the media is good to go with Pierson’s contempt for Christians and her idolizing a racist Muslim who hated America. You know, because all of that is what patriotism is really about.

Having Ms. Pierson as the spokeswoman for Trump's campaign should raise legitimate questions about Mr. Trump's judgment, dependability, and loyalty. If Trump were president, what sort of Supreme Court justices would he appoint? What sort of people would fill his administration? Would they be individuals like Katrina Pierson who idolizes an America hater?

When Pierson landed her position as Trump's campaign spokeswoman, she said, “This is a nontraditional campaign. I can be a little bit more who I am. That’s what I mean when I say it’s like a perfect fit.” Considering her opinion of Christians and her fawning over Malcolm X, I would say that is a fairly accurate statement.

Ms. Pierson’s defenders have noted that she volunteered for Ted Cruz in the past and that Cruz has complimented her as “a fearless and principled conservative.” Nevertheless, Ted Cruz never hired Ms. Pierson, and he certainly never considered making her the chief spokeswoman for his campaign. Even Donald Trump would have to concede that is a "Big difference."

Without question Ms. Pierson has every right to believe and say whatever she wants, and Donald Trump has every right to appoint whomever he wants to represent his campaign. But an anti-Christian bigot who idolizes a man who hated our country -- that’s the person Trump believes should be representing his campaign to Make America Great Again? How motivating.

Trump joked over the weekend that “[he] could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and [he] wouldn’t lose voters.” What he should have said is that he could bring a spokeswoman -- who insults Christians, idolizes a man who hated America, and believes Republicans are racist -- to Iowa and not lose voters. But currently he’s not bragging about that, at least not directly.

When you stop to think about it, maybe Obama has transformed America. In fact, it would be really interesting to know just how many of Trump’s supporters voted for Obama in the past.

The best news for Donald Trump is that Jeremiah Wright wasn’t even enough to derail Barack Obama. If Christian Republicans in Iowa are anything like Barack Obama voters, Trump has nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, can the same be said for America?

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