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Truth Haters: Loathing Bruce - Loving Jenner?

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America’s traditional masculine virtues are not compatible with a culture of dependency. Therefore, it’s not surprising that liberals despise Western virility. The far left essentially equates normal masculinity with patriarchal oppression.


Consequently, the tragic emasculation of Bruce Jenner, a known conservative, has triggered an androgynous-like orgasm among the left’s man-hating extremists.

Most of us have now heard that the former icon of American masculinity really believes that he is or wants to be a woman. His perplexing condition inspired the New York Times to herald Mr. Jenner for his “courage.” Columnist Nicholas Kristof explains that the Olympic legend plans to produce a television program that will -- in essence -- document Jenner's mental symptoms and the cosmetic changes he continues to undergo as treatment.

The article emphasizes that Jenner can bring attention to the violence and lack of empathy often experienced by gender dysphoric individuals. However, Kristof chooses not to bring attention to the uncomfortable reality of who is perpetrating the grisly violence referenced in his column.

The overwhelming majority of the identified suspects are not straight white males. (Ignoring this obvious fact is simply impossible if you Google each murder like I did.) Of course Kristof’s point is that hate crimes plague the LGBT community -- not that special interest minorities are overwhelmingly responsible for the violence Kristof cites.

Reality just doesn’t deter liberals from their delusional quests. America’s traditional masculinity will always be responsible for the world’s problems in their minds. Mr. Kristof does not bother to clarify that the “ultimate hate crime” to which his article alludes wound up being a typically scandalous left-wing fairytale. The uncomfortable truth about the 1998 murder of Wyoming’s Mathew Shepard is that his bisexual lover, Aaron McKinney, committed the crime. The murder apparently emanated from their mutual methamphetamine involvement, not homosexuality.


In order for America’s normal masculinity to oppress the world as envisioned by liberals, an alternative reality must be created. In the egalitarian paradise imagined by the left, the government’s laws -- not self-reliance or the Second Amendment -- protect innocent victims from criminal predators.

On planet earth, hate crimes in America generally attract mainstream attention only when special interest minorities are not the offenders. The only time a hate crime seems to be news worthy is when a straight male caucasian is the suspect.

As for Bruce Jenner, the unfortunate truth is that his symptoms are medically classified as delusion, psychosis, or emotional unhappiness.

In 2012, the American Psychiatric Association prescribed a parlance placebo to patients afflicted with Jenner’s perplexing illness. Now, psychiatrists use gender dysphoria as the diagnosis for what used to be called gender identity disorder. Banishing the word disorder was supposed to mitigate stigma. But liberals pretend that their effeminate solution worked like a verbal vaccine and eradicated reality.

Meanwhile, gender dysphoria remains in the DSM-5 -- the official manual of mental disorders. Its inclusion ensures that patients with this illness can receive medical care for the mental disorder that liberals deny exists.


With all other mental disorders, psychiatrists try to cure the patient’s mind and to make the symptoms go away, but gender dysphoria is treated by mutilating private parts and forcing normal people to conspire with the mentally ill. Redefining Bruce Jenner’s mental illness as “courage” is just more fantasy imagined by a clever leftist wordsmith. On the other hand, celebrating an unfortunate man’s psychosis might border on being spiritually demonic.

In fact, compelling the rest of us to pretend that fantasy is reality and that lies are truth seems like a diabolical madness in and of itself. Most disturbingly, liberals aim to impose their affliction on the rest of us as the remedy to all the world’s injustices, and they actually believe that America’s masculinity is the supreme culprit.

For a metrosexual narcissist, eunuchs and effeminate men are surely the least threatening types of males. The exotic fantasy to fundamentally transform America into some collectivist Sodom and Gomorrah might be linked to the purging of masculine men from America’s military. Regardless, gender warfare destabilizes our national security as our military now seems more focused on political correctness than it is on war fighting.

Undermining masculinity also weakens our society in general. The harsh truth is that all of us are broken and sinful people. However, worshipping a government infested with liars is not the answer. Redemption through Christ is the only thing that can truly save any of us from ourselves.


The Bible tells us that because some people will not love God’s truth they will be given over to delusions and believe what is false. If you’re not suffering from a delusion, you’ll understand that truth is unchangeable -- just like Bruce’s chromosomal configuration. Thankfully, that configuration has a mind of its own.

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