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When the competitive edge begins to dull, successful organizations and individuals often regroup and reevaluate their methods. In sports, when a gifted-new talent contributes extensively to upsetting a dominant team, a wise coach frequently refocuses his athletes on the fundamentals of the game.

Practicing the basics requires self-discipline, hard work, and modesty – particularly for anyone who has tasted success or accomplished lofty goals. Discipline, work ethic, and fundamentals are what separate dynasties from novelties.

Shooting stars are often gifted, as well as timely. They unveil spectacular talent, dazzle fans, and savor the limelight. More often than not, though, over-night sensations are nothing more than the latest fad. Such superstars habitually fall to competitors who remain focused and committed to solid fundamentals.

Though fads rarely possess enduring value, they naturally capture the imaginations of immature, shallow, and fickle people. They also fizzle swiftly the moment the next craze ignites.

Barak Hussein Obama is the epitome of this phenomenon. Obama represents the romantics who wish to dream away reality.

Obama is a gifted speaker. But what will he call upon when his big government theories encounter the real world and begin to crumble? His superb speaking skills dangerously conceal his most sobering weakness – his void of proven substance.

Talent becomes a liability when one depends on it and neglects a solid foundation in the basics. And Obama’s adroit oration will never compensate for his disregarding America’s fundamental principles.

Contrary to Obama’s soothing message, America was not built on the audacity of wishful thinking or pleasant-sounding rhetoric. America was built on valuing the sanctity of human life, individual freedom, limited government, lawful order, and supreme justice.

Nevertheless, Obama continues beguiling star-struck fans with abstract references to hope and change. But do Obama supporters hope that Islamic terrorists will also swoon when Obama levels his smooth and intangible words at them? What happens when the Muslim sociopaths don’t faint? Do we blame Obama’s followers for not having enough audacity in their hope?

Seriously, Obama’s eloquent words are in fact “just words.” His mantra has no concrete substance. If he ever clarifies the murkiness of his enchanted language, we all would likely faint at the deftness of Obama’s verbal irony.

Obama’s hypnotic message reeks of hopelessness -- not hope. He promises change, but what he means is that he has no faith in Americans’ ingenuity. Obama believes his government programs -- not America’s principles of freedom and self-reliance -- will come to our rescue.

Sadly, Obama ignores why so many Americans came to this great country. They were eager to escape the trademark despair that Obama’s disarming melody is threatening to impose. Many hard-working Americans once fled countries that suffered under governments that inflicted the same oppressive brand of misery that Obama conceals in his silver-tongued proclamations.

Consider the Cuban Americans who escaped Fidel Castro’s charismatic rhetoric regarding “socialist hope.” Obviously, facts about socialism don’t matter to many on the Left. Plenty of liberals are passionate about tagging Castro a hero simply for defying America. But what does that mean – “defying America”? It’s almost as vague as Obama’s repetitive chorus about hope and change.

Despite reality, Obama continues peddling government programs while trying to hope away authentic consequences to his brand of “wishful thinking.” Not surprisingly, the Left adores Obama similarly to how it adores Fidel Castro. To the Left, Castro provided “excellent” government healthcare to Cuban citizens. But only foolish and spoiled liberals -- who do not have their government dictating what medical care they do or do not need -- believe such nonsense. Try selling Obama’s wishful thinking to Cubans and everyone else who have actually endured the anguish distributed by socialist idealism.

Americans are indeed frustrated. But frustration often leads to desperation. Desperation can lead to poor judgment, and poor judgment almost always leads to bad results. Accordingly, Barak Hussein Obama is posing a serious threat of becoming the next President of the United States.

Right now, America needs a leader -- not a politician with slick rhetoric, a debonair appearance, and wishful thinking. We need a leader who understands the edge that made hard-working Americans and this great country successful. We need a leader capable of refocusing all of us on the fundamental principles of life, liberty, independence, and limited government.

Let’s all return to the real world where the Left’s latest rock-star is just a swanky politician elegantly singing monotonous lyrics.

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